My A1c went from 7 to 8.4

66131475_10157353607132829_8489843235319971840_nMy A1c went from 7 to 8.4. I’m so sad. Struggling to keep sugars down. I do water aerobics and exercise in the gym. Watch what I eat. Frustrating.

Kimbra Wilder Gish

Mine’s gone way up. And it is frustrating. But I won’t give up. And neither should you. :) Read Dealing with Diabetes Burnout, hang out here, and keep up trying. Maybe see whether you can get some DSMT classes or review sessions under your insurance coverage to “brush up your Shakespeare,” so to speak.

Emma Mealey 

Hey I’m the end it’s not a 13. This disease sucks and is up and down all the time. Just start a fresh and know that you can do this cause you have done it before.
Unfortunately it’s more than food and exercise that make our levels spike. Hormones are a big thing, that may or may not have had something to do with it too.
Just remember don’t get to hung up on numbers. I put myself into the icu for being so controlled by numbers that I was checking at least 11 times a day, I was having lows at least 6 times a day and was generally unwell. Just because I wanted perfect numbers.
Any attempt to manage this disease is a win. Some people will be better st it and other worse but if you keep trying your better off than you would be if you do nothing ❤️ keep going

Patricia Dunsford 

Don’t stress about it, that will raise your blood sugar. Take your time, let your body get used to changes. A1C rising could be a sign of an infection somewhere in your body. Listen to your body. Mine did go down a little but not as much as the doctor thought. Well, 5 days later I was in emergency for a week with diverticulitis. 3 weeks later I was back i the hospital with abscesses in the colon, flesh eating bacteria, and some sepsis. I was in for over 3 weeks due to those issues until that part of the colon was taken out, then we were able to lower the blood sugar.

Cindy Groulx 

Same with me, had to give up bread, rice, pasta, potatoes – all the good stuff but its working

Dedene Nelson-Court 

Please keep trying. Two things really have helped me, first my Omnipod has been great, second doing low carb has been a revelation. Good luck to you.

Elif Nazmiye 

I hear ya, the other day I was in yoga and my sugar was 126 pre workout, during my workout my CGM was telling me my sugar was rising into the 200’s during the workout. It’s frustrating when you are trying to do everything right. There are times I’ve written a diary of my day including my blood sugars what I ate and exercise and I’ve brought to the doctors to show them what I’m doing.

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