Is there anybody who’s been in jail/prison where they have been denied there medication for days at a time

Is there anybody who’s been in jail/prison where they have been denied there medication for days at a time, or have had them not give you your medication the correct way and they do it how they want to?
I’m currently in jail serving a sentence of 74 days and for the first 3 nights I got denied my long acting insulin and they refuse to count carbs and give me insulin for the food I eat. They just use a sliding scale and my blood still goes up to 300+


Robin Whitler 

Call attorney dude…don’t know your story but I understand your health!! You have medical rights

Rylee Barlow 

I was in for 24hrs and had the same issue a general sliding scale and I had to seek them out before meals for sugar check and inulin. Guards didn’t care I had to demand a supervisor. Thankfully I was only there 24 hrs but long term like that is def a bad situation…. I feel for you. I’d get an attorney asap, good luck and hang in there

Julie Orozco 

I agree with the others, is it possible for you to contact an attorney?

Cynthia Taber 

Get with a supervisor and with your attorney if you have one. The prison/jail does have the capacity to provide you with your medical needs…but it will be an argument. Keep it civil and if needed request to see medical. If you have family on the outside, have them call the jail supervision…warden’s office and have them relay their concerns (your concern). Just because you have to sit down for a minute doesn’t mean they can ignore your medical needs. Don’t expect chow to change or be modified for you…cuz that probably won’t happen. Where are you located…if you feel comfortable answering that question.

Christopher Ian McBeth

Went down for three years. The diabetic care was not that great at all. Only saw dr once bs was always sky high.

Drew Armstrong 

Didnt know you could use phones in prison. Interesting.

Tanner Rotert 

Well I’m in jail bc I was selling weed and got in trouble
I get work release and am out 5 days a week.
Now that’s out of the way. Thank you everybody for your feedback. I’m going to be writing to the papers about this to bc no diabetic or anybody who needs meds for there health should be denied at all. Its bs what they think they can do. Nobody is above the law

Kimberly SP 

Sorry. 😔.

I don’t know how to get that worked out. I’m surprised you have access to a phone and internet…maybe you could trade this access for access to proper insulin dosing and access for managing that?

Michael Brown

This is pretty shocking tbh but no surprise – people and that includes institutions they work for are so ignorant of the facts …. even general public – I told a whole queue at the supermarket that I was diabetic and having a hypo – did even one let me pay first ?
Then I had to explain to security and the manager why I was munching a bag of apples before paying !

Annie Lisa

I also don’t really know but I think you should contact your attorney (and give the lawyer your outside doctor’s contact info) as well as contact any inmates’ rights groups you know of and let your family know what is happening. Maybe they can advocate from the outside and follow up. This is terrible

Kathleem Reese-Brooks 

doesn’t matter if he is in jail,he deserves to receive his insulin properly..

Kristin Shea Griffin

Sorry to hear this! I would definitely contact your attorney! Also, I am from originally from Willmar, moved away a long time ago. Small world

Jeff Huffman Sr.

If something happens to you because they didn’t give you your medicine the way it supposed to and something happens to you they can be held liable

Kimberley Miller-Sjostrom

Yes that exact thing happened to me when I was in jail. I would have died if it had been any longer than 10 days

Jim Figlozzi 

Sliding scale gives a correction dose at the meal and a fixed amount for carbs. How are they feeding you. Is it just a fixed meal or is their flexibility. Seems like the only way is to eat a set number of carbs. If they let you choose what you eat it’s easier. Is that possible the way they give you the food? It’s not optimal but it may be the only way. Probably err on the high side.

Dorothy Thilmany

The sliding scale is also done in many hospitals. It’s annoying but no one is trained for anything else. That’s what makes this illness suck! Right! Just venting again!

Nina Obrien

Thats disgraceful Tanner ! You shouldnt be denied your insulin .Those high glucose levels can do you harm ! Something needs to be done right away .Sorry for cant carry on with high sugars like that 

Lynne Arnott

Seeing as you seem to have internet access – maybe google search for your legal rights where you live , and seek out advice of a law professional rather than a Facebook post…..

Michele Young

My BF says that the diabetics where he’s incarcerated get one dose of their meds a day and are never lower than 250.

Judy Baker 

Tanner, I’m sorry. And if you make too much noise they may treat you worse. Just try to skip carbs and sweets as much as possible, and exercise if you can.

Jo Anna 

Type 1 deaths in jail are on the rise due to terrible care. There is a lot of curruption in the system and I hope four attorney can help change this for other type 1 inmate’s

Silvia Comara

The artist known for the Obama portrait in red white and blue has a documentary called obey he explains the same stories for whenever he got locked up for tagging

Tanner Rotert

I was mainly asking this question because I’m going to write a column to the local paper and explain my story and other story’s. I want to make this go national for anybody who needs medication to survive. It’s not right at all. First time ever in trouble with the law. I took responsibility and have done everything correctly regarding my legal issues. I’m a very skilled writer and will get the story out there. Thank you again for everybody’s feedback. Nobody should ever be treated like this. Were all human and make mistakes. Thank you all

Lisa Quiambao

I’m so sorry to hear this. It is common. I’ve worked with people that were on jail (after they got released) and heard this story many times.

Nthabiseng Mabebeza

Sorry to hear that
But do they allow u to use cell phone.
🤔🤔🤔 where is that place

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