Anyone else notice balding with metformin?

Anyone else notice balding with metformin?


Ronnie Goodwin

Oh my. No, not yet—hope never.

Gordon Forrest

No. It could be you’re just going bald.

Sandra Fingerut

Thought it was due to my Graves Disease and the medication for this thyroid condition.

Mary Ann Cox

My thyroid was messed up and caused me to lose hair. Now it is thick on thyroid meds. I do take metformin.

Shana Bridges

No but I’m only 41 and been on metformin for 2 years. Check your stress levels or thyroid.

Kristin Myhre

No but I got thinning hair from the mirena IUD I have. Hormones (as well as your thyroid) can cause thinning hair. Multivitamins, prenatal vitamins or ones with biotin help a bit with that. It sucks though. My hair was fine already lol.

Garold Raney

I was bald before diabetes,,,,,, so sad,,lol

Andi Gundlach

Before I was diagnosed, I lost hair. Were you recently diagnosed?

Eric Holler

I’m totally playing my hair loss since I was diagnosed ten years ago on the Metformin from now on

John Johnson

My doctor took me off metformin don’t think you’re supposed to be on that for long periods of time.!!

Vicki Campa 

Maybe u are anemic. Metformin depletes B12. That’s why you are losing hair.

Laurel Akram

I’m T2 and I don’t take any of the medications!! Because I believe it hurt you more than helping you,

Angella Martin-Cuffe

Paula please take B 12 while you are on metformin.

Eva Safar

Make sure it is activated methyl B12

Debbie Boomhower

Yes! i certainly have. My hair is falling out at an alarming rate. I had no idea it could be from the metformin.


Melissa West Burgess

Get your thyroid levels checked that will also make you loose your hair. It’s an autoimmune disease also

Elif Nazmiye

I have a lot of patients on metformin, never noticed hair loss

Kamla Bachan 

I know plenty people who is diabetic and is getting bald but I don’t know what is the cause

Mike Alkire 

Still have hair. I shave it and it keeps coming back.

Rachel Case-Vinson 

I haven’t had to shave my legs for 15 years. It just doesn’t grow. Been on metformin for 16 1/2 years

Christina Marie Cueto 

Mine started with polycystic ovarian syndrome, so I wouldn’t have noticed if metformin caused any hair loss. I’ve heard that diabetics can have issues with thinning hair anyway.

Jose Fiesta Segura 

My helicopter landing has got bigger since 2 years ago when I was diagnosed diabetes type 2 , Metformin prescription.
I always thought that genes have a very heavy reason of weigh on this , but maybe everything starts to make sense .
Also diarrhea.
What a mess of stress .
Now in type 1 , worse I know , but out of medication , just insulin.
My helicopter landing is still there , nothing growing 

Tamryn Davey 

Yip my hair has gone so thin since being on metformin… so many bad side effects with it

Lynn Henderson Flaisig 

Not me. I have been taking for 15 years. I have super thick hair.

Karen Mascola

I was losing hair badly before starting metformin- my doctor said it is a side effect of high blood sugar. It is a lot better now.

Mark Andrea Collins

Been on for almost 20 years and just last year started losing it very noticeably.

Jim Adams 

Wow maybe that is it. Notice it the last few years

Glena D Coley

yes and had bad bubble guts……… dont miss it


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