Has anyone ever gotten pregnant with a really high a1c and how did it go?

Has anyone ever gotten pregnant with a really high a1c and how did it go?


Jessica Bittlewilliams 

I have they imediately put me on insulin and it never got under control the whole pregnancy…even on strict diet, they just had to keep upping my insulin. Quickly became better after the birth..I’m t2 . Hope this helped

Valerie Cottman 

I’m a type one and got pregnant around a 9.0 a1c. The lowest I got it during pregnancy was a 7.1. My daughter came a month early due to pre clampsia.

Alyssa Coopersmith 

There’s a group called type 1 diabetes and pregnancy that I’m in and love! I’m sure some of the ladies in there could give you some advice!!

Amanda Steward 

When i got pregnant with my first my A1C was around 11. By the time i had her it was around 8 or lower. Zero complications. Just starting taking control now and work closely with your endo and your ob. Your insulin needs with increase alot through your pregnancy.

Shannon Hovden

Yes! I was told this with my ob and Endo. Control is key. Higher sugar levels when baby is forming (4-12 weeks) can cause a lot of health issues in mom and baby. After 12 weeks the placenta does take over and sugars return to more normal, however, they like sugars to be (a1c below 7 when pregnant and the lower the better) mine was kept at 6.5 my first pregnancy and my son was still 7.7 4 weeks early (ruptured water on its own) my a1c with my second was 5.4 and she was 7.1 at her due date. It was way helpful to have my dexcom as well with my second. I didn’t have it with my first. 1st tri my sugars were lower usually. 2nd normal and 3rd I had to increase my insulin and basal rates quite a bit.

Janet Potts Jones 

The baby probably will have low blood sugars after birth. Diabetics usually have large babies and possibly heart defects. Talk with your Dr. before pregnancy. NICU nurse and diabetic myself. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Jody Henderson 

I found out I was pregnant in April (total surprise) and my A1C was 8. In July my A1C was 5.8. It is constant monitoring and pre blousing and changing basal rates, etc, but completely doable. I’m almost 26weeks and so far everything is good. There is a group for Pregnancy and Type 1 Diabetics that is very helpful and supportive.

Scooter Lutz 

Me 🙋🏼‍♀️ mine was 9 and I’m 29 weeks pregnant it’s now down to 7.. Baby girl and I are going strong and I’m a type 1 diabetic

Patricia Dunsford 

Yes with my second pregnancy. I was only on diet controlled, no fruits, and most vegetables. Only protein. Son was taken early because he was going to be too big due to diabetes (5 weeks early). Because of my gestational diabetes, I was more likely to get it later in life. Stuck with pretty much diet controlled for over 20 years. Just recently been diagnosed, and I am 61. Son will be more likely to have diabetes when he gets older. Hopefully I have taught him well on eating habits. He is 26 at this writing and so far so good.

Teresa Grooms 

Yes I did and I had a good pregnancy my Dr helped me with my a1c to get it down to 7.0 and it was like 10.0 before I got pregnant and I am type 1. Me and my daughter did good she did come 2 month early but that was do to my heart

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