Does anyone take any prescriptions for Anxiety

69403882_10220398723228960_6520358051566845952_nDoes anyone take any prescriptions for Anxiety? I just went through a breakup with someone who couldn’t handle me and my Diabetes. I think I have Anxiety issues. My sugars raise and lower when I get upset. My chest gets tight. I scream and cry. I get upset. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. What do you take and does it help?

Jeff Webster I take anxiety meds and I’m Type 1. Want to PM me your meds so I can compare them to mine? I’ve been on anxiety meds since 2005

Bill Agan Ask your doc.. I take one kind and my wife takes a different kind.. Depends in you . nor everyone is the same

Daniela Penelope Dominguez You should never self diagnose yourself. I have really bad anxiety and take Clonazepam

Jeff Webster I take Buspar and Valium once in the am and once in the pm. I take the generic form of both drugs but use the name brands because a lot of people don’t understand.

Kim Marie McReddie Ask doctor. You can also speak to them about a more natural supplement which helps you. Good luck

Sarah MacLeod My prescription is yoga… and cannabis 🌿 DM me if you want to talk more about either of those options!

Also you should join grace & growth — an online virtual diabetes women’s support group I started for those who struggle with anxiety, depression, ED, burnout, stress, complications, and more. I can send you a link! We meet monthly for Zoom (a video chat service) meetings and new moon meditations + have a private FB community — and this is all FREE. No cost to join 🧡

I will say.. Yoga changed everything for me.. I have gastroparesis, neuropathy, chronic Lyme disease, retinopathy.. and a few other things in addition to T1D. I became a teacher so I could help show other people like me how much it helps.

I do suffer from anxiety… and sometimes it’s really difficult. But being able to use some of the breath work techniques has helped and also learning more about the philosophy and spiritual side of it all.

Always like to let people know that they have options to explore beyond (or incorporate with!) traditional prescription medications. Good luck!!

Dianne Sara Gray i have just spent three days at a motorbike/music festival, I,m 60, I,m in agony today but I don,t care two days rest and I,ll be ok

Vicki Neiswonger Greenawalt Yes I take a medication for anxiety. I’m not ashamed to say that I take it. Before I started it, I felt as if I was bouncing off the walls, no matter what I did to calm myself, it wasnt enough so to my doctor I went.
There are many different types of antianxiety medications, you need to see your doctor ASAP and see if they want to start you on anything. Stress is a major contributor to high and low blood sugars.

Katie Wid-min I have two scripts I can take based on severity. It’s best to talk to your doc and see what they say though. They may give you an anxiety medication or some antidepressants double as anxiety meds.

Elif Nazmiye I thought all of my physical symptoms were medical and I had multiple doctors tell me it was anxiety and to figure out what was bothering me and to “get over it” in their words (I no longer see them). After years of dealing with anxiety and depression my current primary care doctor did a screening and he said you test positive for depression, now I’m on Zoloft and Klonopin as need for anxiety

Denise DeFever Bordato My dr. prescribed something for me years ago…he said that having diabetes is not easy…that many of us have anxiety from this disease. Just last month I had a super low and had a seizure…I now have orders from my husband of 45 years to ” never do that again!” Well, just that episode increased anxiety in me for several reaslons…DO see your dr. about this…I am on a low dose and it has helped…

Kim Fagan Ratner I get that way at times. I really find that doing some Yoga and Meditation really help. I also find that trying to focus on “living in the moment” Helps me, as well. I know it might sound corny but it really does help me. It helps me feel like I have taken control of it.
That being said, I don’t live with anxiety daily. Just when I get super stressed on occasion.

Cynthia Taber Kim Fagan Ratner mindfulness is vital to the management of diabetic distress and this 24/7 chronic and progressive disease! I’m so are using Yoga and meditation! 

Marilyn Kruger I was on xanax for years then on lorazepam for month plus many other meds for depression and anxiety I’m finally off the lorazepam by my own choice. Talk therapy for a year every week now once a month. Please see the right professional for help not just your PCP. I know exactly what you are feeling.

Andreana Zimmer-Dwyer Talk to your doctor, and use lowest dose possible. Then I suggest counseling. The reason… have them help you to work through. They can teach you “tools” to cope.
I went through extensive PTSD treatment. And I verbally had to tell myself “I can handle this. Remember it’s temporary”.
Now, when anxiety rises I tell myself, “This is temporary.” Still aloud if it’s a bad trigger.
If you’re not on an antidepressant, get a low dose.
Because it helps take the edge of emotional crap with blood sugar roller coaster. It may take time to get right medication and dosage. 

Vanessa Martinez I definitely agree with everyone else with taking some anti anxiety medications. I am a strong advocate for counseling. The meds will help but you have to get to the root of the reason of why you’re having anxiety so you can move forward. There is nothing wrong with getting help from time to time or even on a regular basis for years and years. Some of us need to have that help.

Cynthia Taber Vanessa Martinez thanking God for my amazing counselor…she has helped me process my traumatic (DKA-related) diagnosis!

Wendy Anderson Dittman I have a close family member who was on medication and there are specific warnings to people with diabetes about impacting glucose levels. Vanessa makes a good point about seeking to understand the “root cause” and
going to counseling, finding a support group, or faith based community etc. You may want to consider those routes first. Tough life situations take time to get through. I hope you can connect with someone to take that first step to healing.

Howard McDaniel Break ups cause some of the worst pain in life. Definitely talk it over with your doc. Good luck!

Tracy Pridemore – Wilson I have always tended to be an anxious person and this has tended to keep my bgs high. I finally saw someone about it and am taking a very low dose and now my bgs are more stable and I just got my lowest a1c yet.

Martin Stolz In additional a medical evaluation and prescription meds, you may benefit from psychotherapy, cognitive therapy (teaching your mind how to think), mindfulness/meditation and/or yoga, or any combination of those. Having a peaceful and tranquil mindset won’t always help you overcome an anxiety attack or a mental break, but if it is just day-to-day jitters, you may find these other approaches to be helpful in getting centered.

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