Should I ask my Endo if I’m “ready” for the Libre ? I was diagnosed June 29, 2019 and I’m already fed up with finger pokes and the anxiety around running out of test strips

69509672_2201745566618132_361355415591583744_nShould I ask my Endo if I’m “ready” for the Libre ? I was diagnosed June 29, 2019 and I’m already fed up with finger pokes and the anxiety around running out of test strips…. The Diabetes Educator said to wait 1 to 1.5 yrs before getting the Libre, but that seems extreme.

Thoughts ?

David Wong Maybe it works differently in BC ,
I’m in the US , I told my doctor to write a script and got the sensors the next day

Lara Fastman I was just diagnosed in May and was immediately placed on libre! It works great. Now I started Dexcom because of their alert system.

Emily Anderson if your endo says no, i would find a new endo. there is no reason to wait. if it is a question of money, you can buy online at the abbott website. here in spain, no prescription is necessary to buy it yourself.

Christine MacDonald I can’t imagine why you would need to wait on a tool that would help you. Do you even need an rx to get one?

Pearl Seto Never heard of such a long wait. Are you self funding or having it paid for by some plans? Self funding should be immediate, if going through some type of insurance, you’ll need to check their criteria.

Vani Naicker Did you ask the reason for the wait? Nevertheless, doesn’t seem right, its changed how I manage my diabetes, would recommend you get it asap.

Brian Sixbey There are a few possible reasons to wait – one, that the DE may see some value in you learning how to count insulin, carbs, and the like, but you can do that on a pump, and why not have the help of a pump? Two, some do really well on MDI (multiple daily injections), including our hostess, better than on a pump. Three – there are some folks who cannot live with the idea of being attached to a pump, but that doesn’t seem to apply to you. Press your DE on the reasoning and go from there. If you want, check that reasoning with this group. My guess is the DE is going from their experience, which assumes you are like everyone else. Press them on the reasoning and then evaluate. If you’re ready, why not? It’s a steep learning curve, but you’re already on one.

Vanessa Martinez Are you type 1 or 2? I am curious for myself because I am type 2. I dont think I have done as many blood sugar checks as others who have type 2 but I have been doing so more lately. I have also thought about getting one but my insurance is bs. I have to meet my $1000 deductible and then they’ll pay 80%. I am on a lower income so meeting that deductible before they will pay for it is crazy. But I am also curious why your doc wanted you to wait. I would assume it is also for educational purposes and you learning but if you’re ready it should be your decision and they should support that. I feel like it would help to manage this disease so much better than poking your finger all the time!

Michele Young I know my insurance won’t cover it until I’m a year in the battle to make sure I really am a diabetic. Gee I’m on insulin and metaforman but nope I guess you can’t tell.

Dorrie Politz Gagnon Do Dexcom is a t1… it sends alerts and lives doesn’t. But yes!! Get one. I did after 6 months… I think that is required by ins?

Suzanne Clark If you can, find a more forward thinking CDE or endo. Check out the Juicebox Podcast. It will encourage you to acquire and use your tools for successful outcomes. Wish I could have avoided 22 years of finger sticks before I got the Dexcom. If you can get Dexcom, even better!!!

Emily Wilson I got mine after 5 months. My Dsn wanted me to wait because she thought it may cause more anxiety. I got it eventually because due to my job, it’s not ideal to have Lancets etc lying around x

Deanna Roth Cooper Don’t ask endo if they think youre ready… TELL them you are ready and ask what you need to do to get the process rolling

Alicia Sears I didnt ask my doctor I told them I wanted to try it, Glad I did I have had it for 3 months and love A1C went from 7.5 to 6.1 in 3 months.

Jon Manou Cellier Are you in the UK? There is a waiting list indeed although NHS is trying hard to provide Libre to as many T1D as possible and asap.

The demand is high…

Victoria Houlden Strongly Request a continuous blood glucose monitor, but do you research on the one that would be best for you. If your insurance covers it, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Travis Lane Hayden You don’t have to take your BSL all the time

If you are eating right you don’t have to worry about it it’s easier to not know that way it’s less stressful

Susie Bailey Travis Lane Hayden you must be a type 2 to say that. That is the most misguided thing I’ve ever heard. Some people both type 1 and 2 can do everything right and still have a crap blood sugar.

Travis Lane Hayden I am type 2
If I eat right I don’t have to take my diabetes pill

So as long as I eat right I know my blood sugar is right plus I can tell by other things that are going on in my body if my blood sugar is too high or low

It was a suggestion

Susie Bailey Travis Lane Hayden but that’s not the case for a lot of people and we don’t know if she’s on insulin or not. When I had been diabetic for 10 or 15 years I could feel if I was high or low but now because it’s been so long sometimes the symptoms swap. Also you don’t have the same hormonal things that affect it as she would. I understand you’re trying to help but for someone who is newly diagnosed that is a dangerous suggestion.

D.S. Cohen Tell your Endo you want the Libre. I have no idea where your Diabetes Educator got their information from.

I got mine about two months after being diagnosed and it was prescribed by my doctor. My Diabetes educator loves it because it makes it easier for them to track my highs and lows.

Carol Knee I have been Type I for about four years. Libre has helped me so much! I don’t know why they want you to wait so long. Not only do you avoid finger sticks, the doc can have all these reports and coach you better. I’d get it ASAP. Btw, my A1c is 6.5. This is an incredible tool.

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