My blood sugar is 97 and I’m shaking

69318082_10156082311616619_3985683866336624640_nMy blood sugar is 97 and I’m shaking

Shelly Martin That’s a great number. Your just experiencing a false low since you aren’t used to being in normal range. This feeling will pass. If it really bothers you then eat some protein and relax.

Maxie Gomez I dont have anything in my house except cup noodles

I had non complient things and coffee

Bertelle Ray Berry Call an advice nurses to get counseling through your carrier perhaps .

Beckara Mosley you are having a false low . Do not eat carbohydrates like toasts , crackers etc . That will cause you to spike . You are in no danger. A true low is below 65. You are having a false low and you should eat a little protein. That will stabilize you and stop your symptoms

Beckara Mosley What did you eat earlier and how long ago?

Maxie Gomez Because I dont have food and my roomate gave me some cheese doodles.

Maxie Gomez She just gave me a piece of fried chicken and I am no longer famished or dizzy

Beckara Mosley Maxie did you test your blood sugar the eat to your meter way after you had that ? You will not get control of your blood sugar by eating grain breads and sugar

Beckara Mosley that chicken is breaded in flour which will spike your blood sugar and keep you on a yo yo with high and low blood sugar

Beckara Mosley Maxie Gomez , id ask your roommate to get you some eggs ( $ 5for a pk of 30 )

Beckara Mosley grains are rice , corn, wheat, oats , bran, barley, rye etc we do not eat any type of grain or anything made from them as diabetics because they spike blood sugar. Progress our insulin resistance and are the true culprit of inflammation and cholesterol issues

Melissa Carrico Have you been high for a long time? Ur body is trying to adjust to the new changes. Ur sugar is perfect

Wilma Perkey Do you have a family member or friend that can get you some food. You should really try to eat more regularly.

Mia Hernandez I had the same thing and I didn’t have a machine to check my sugars so I ended up at the ER because I was sick,shaking and nauseous

Sallye Boils I get shaky too my doctor said to eat something small that since I had been running so high for so long my body has to adjust to the new normal. Since I been on here I have went from the 300-700 range down to 90-150 range

Charlie Perry For some reason even though I’m used to my sugar being in the normal range I get dizzy spells and shaky when mine drops to 90-95 also. I just grab a spoonful of pb and it seems to help.

Beckara Mosley I have removed suggestion to drink oj. Oj is not compliant for a diabetic. The op also doesn’t need to raise her blood sugar

Kayleen Eddings I feel like that after coffee. For me it’s the caffeine, but it doesn’t spike my sugar. And chance you had coffee recently?

Robin Coleman Mine was 77 a few days ago. And I felt horrible. I was able to eat a salad and a shake made with 1/2 frozen avocado, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, pasteurized egg whites and a few almonds an ice. I felt so much better. Re took my BS 20mins after 98 and felt better.

Karena Hooks Auer Ur body can be used to high readings so although 97 is fine ur body is considering it to not be normal for u. So definitely eat some protein

Valerie Martinez Battocletti I used to be like that when i went down from 300’s to 150… my body was used to being high… now my body has adjusted to lows around 75… that’s when i start feeling shaky

Teri Smith Do people not read the questions they agree to about our woe when they join this group? Or look at the files and posts so that they understand what it is they agreed to? So many people suggest non compliant food/drink and give just plain bad advice! I’m sure they mean no harm but with bad advise people can be harmed.

Susan Stalker Richard Traister according to the LCHF group you joined. Being non compliant will only keep your blood sugars high. You agreed to follow this way of eating when you joined. When someone gives out bad advice we want to correct that information that is given so no one else follows that bad advice.

Anita Doczy I start to “crash” when my blood sugar goes into the 90’s or below. My husband crashes when his is much lower.

Sandie Lynn Closing comments as OPs questions have been answered., Deleted many bad advice and suggestions. Never suggest any type of sugar , juice or candy for a Low. A true low is under 65. IF you are in normal range and “feel” low but your meter shows you are in normal range, this is a False Low . Eat only compliant foods like cheese, or a piece o meat or drink a berry or strawberry Poweraide zero, you will feel better soon. Thank you to those who gave supportive and helpful suggestions. Please ask any new questions in a new post.

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