My blood sugar usually spikes after eating out

20190711174455My blood sugar usually spikes after eating out. I went out for brunch with my family today and my blood sugar was over 300. One of the many reasons why I hate Diabetes.

Jeff Huffman Sr.

Like it or hate it it’s still there and we have to deal with it keep a positive attitude

Christina Marie Cueto 

Long before I was diabetic, I would have stomach issues when eating certain foods at restaurants. Things that normally didn’t bother me when I cooked them at home. My gastroenterologist said restaurants often put a lot of “crap” in their dishes that people don’t use when cooking at home. I also learned in weight watchers, that normally healthy entrees aren’t so healthy when prepared at restaurants. An example our leader gave us was a grilled chicken salad from a local restaurant, no dressing, no croutons, etc., that was almost 3,000 calories & 75 grams of carbohydrates. It was only about an ounce of grilled chicken breast marinated in olive oil & lemon juice, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber, & mushrooms. For most people, that is 2 days worth of calories & carbs. I wish I could remember the fat content, but it seems doctors & nutritionists aren’t worrying about that right now

Shawn Wicks 

Don’t hate diabetes, this is your opportunity to learn to eat fats and protein as fuel.

Suzanne Clark 

Don’t view it as failure, but as information. Prebolusing can also be helpful. Check out the Juicebox Podcast and learn how to be a Diabetes Ninja.

Jill Galka Dipple 

It’s a crazy disease! My blood sugars go high or low for no reason whatsoever! It’s impossible at times!!

Gale Roberson Smith 

Protein salad take your own dressing with you. Fruits fresh. Enjoy being with family. Eat smaller amounts and always eat slow. Drink water lots of it. Have fun we can beat this.

Susan E Jones Helms 

This post reminded me I do not even take my sugar level after returning home from eating out! My guess is I know it will have gone up, and I do not want to know, really. So, I avoid the sugar test!

Lisa Adele Pfeffer 

Many restaurants have nutritional lists online. I try to look up info before I go and make some preliminary decisons before I go.

Leigh Rollins 

Prebolusing 20-30 min helped bring my A1c’s down. Even if you don’t know what you are going to eat, a smaller prebolus can be helpful.

Peggy Asay Rackley 

Eat less carbs when eating out.. Restraunts have carb free options

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