Can diabetes skip a generation

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Can diabetes skip a generation? The reason why I’m asking is because I have diabetes, my biological grandmother has diabetes and my aunt on my father’s side has diabetes. So I’m wondering if it can skip a generation.

Emma Mealey

Yeah. It isn’t always passed through genetics. Sometimes I can be and other times not. Some people have a higher chance of being diagnosed particularly type 2 but doesn’t always get inherited. I am type 1 and no one on either side has type 1 or 2

Misty Walker

Not always genetic. I am the only T1 ever in our family.

Lora Harville

It’s not always genetic as they are saying above but in my family on both sides have a strong genetic factor! Before I was diagnosed in 2001 my dad 3 out of 4 grandparents my mom’s sister and a cousin on my dad’s side all had it. Since then mom’s other sister several cousins and my mom have been diagnosed.

Diane Carroll Barnes

Genetic for my family. Grandmother was diabetic, me my sister and a cousin all diagnosed around age 40 type 1

Krystal Tillman

I’m trying to get it through my son’s head that taking into much sugar isn’t good for him. I’m scared he will have diabetes later on in life.


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