I have been considered “diabetic” for a year next month after 2 gestational diabetes pregnancies

69959248_2196541267138562_3483493939078496256_nI have been considered “diabetic” for a year next month after 2 gestational diabetes pregnancies. I have never been told if I am type 1 or type 2 ? I’ll see an endocrinologist for the first time in a few weeks, will they tell me which one I am ? I hate not knowing but I’m clueless

Gabrielle Field There is a test to determine which you are. I have been diabetic since my early 20s. I just did the test last fall & officially type 2. Hope this helps 

Brooke Souza Gabrielle Field thank you! My mom has been diabetic for 15 years and shes not sure which type she is either. This info definitely helps thanks 

Gabrielle Field Brooke Souza I didn’t even know that was a thing. Not sure how long it’s been around. I was diagnosed young, so they always debated which I was. So nice to have a solid answer!!

Brooke Souza Gabrielle Field yes I know a lot about a diabetic diet while pregnant but my knowledge about t1 or t2 is sparse. I wanna know just for the fact of learning the right stuff. I’ll be sure to ask about the test if my new endo doesn’t first. Thanks!

Christiana Matthews It’s usually assumed type 2 after gestational, but ask them to run tests to determine if you’re type 1 or 2.

Heidi Holeman You need a specific blood test….not just an A1c.

Brooke Souza Heidi Holeman thanks! I’ve been seeing my primary for meds this past year and she only checks my a1c. I assume an endo will do more tests when I see her on sept 17

Heidi Holeman Brooke Souza they often assume you are Type2 you’ll have to request the test to know for sure. It is estimated that 30% of Type 2 are actually undiagnosed Type 1. I hope for you, you are Type2.

Marie Benson Aurora Robey I was diagnosed as Type 1 with a GAD antibodies test. There are other antibodies but this one I think is most common for adult onset of Type 1

Jo Anna Most likely type 2.
If you were type 1 you would know BC you would require 2 kinds of insulin and would have to dose for most meals unless they are carb free.

Hope the endo helps. Good luck!

Brooke Souza Jo Anna thank you! I was on insulin my entire second pregnancy so when I got off of it I didnt want to go back unless I have to. I’m on metformin glyburide and alogliptin. But now I’m starting to think insulin might be easier 🤦‍♀️ I’m usually between 150 and 300 with the meds I’m on now 

Jo Anna Brooke Souza ask for a cgm. My coworker is type 2 I’m type 1 and the owner of my company is also type 1. The cgm will help you understand your body’s response to food and medication better.
Libre, dexcom or eversense – one of those should be covered and hopefully the endo can help you get set up

Brooke Souza Jo Anna thank you! That’s very helpful 😊apparently my insurance only covers one touch products (which i hate my one touch ultra meter ) but I’m hoping my endo will be able to help. When I was pregnant and started insulin my insurance wouldn’t cover pens, only vial and syringe. my mfm dr somehow got me pens through my insurance lol

Jo Anna Brooke Souza I have the one touch mini. Are you sure they’re not covered? They’re billed as durable medical equipment. Also ever sense has a program where you can get 1 that lasts 3 months for 99$, they will let you get 2 at that price and they’re team will fight with your insurance when it gets denied. I’m currently on my 2nd ever sense, I’m still waiting for approval but its worth a shot and its affordable for 6 months, maybe check that out.

Jo Anna Elaine Scott Jenkins we all just work together to fill each other in on helpful things. Soon enough you’ll be a pro! But the groups are great for getting info.

The ever sense program is called the bridge program. You and your doctor work with ever sense and have it shipped to you or their office. It took me only about 2 weeks to get my ever sense after I contacted them.

Elaine Scott Jenkins Jo Anna I’ve only beendx3 months. I wanted to get this lancet that was supposed to “vacuum” the blood out. It’s 100 bucks on Amazon. I called my insurance, they don’t cover the lancet, but they cover the Libre! I don’t understand, the Libre cost more than the lancet.

So I screen shot this comment that was under the description of the lancet. You think it would help to show my doctor and maybe he could convince my insurance to cover it?

Jo Anna Elaine Scott Jenkins that’s awesome that they’ll cover the libre! That’s the one my coworker has. He really likes it. Look into the miaomiao for libre, it attaches to it and auto scans the readings and sends it to your phone.

Its worth a shot with insurance but I usually buy my lancet device myself. I have the accucheck fast click. The insurance covers the lancet barrel refill but not the device itself.
I also have a Bluetooth refillable pen. Insurance didn’t cover it, so I purchased it out of pocket but the penfill vials are covered.

Elaine Scott Jenkins Jo Anna I don’t think the Libre is for me. I a klutz . Having something sticking out of me i will pull it out by accident. I might try it…..
I’ll ask my Dr to intervene otherwise maybe I’ll ask Santa for the genteel lancet

Michelle Jones I had gestational diabetes with my 3 pregnancies. My first I was diet and exercise controlled, my second (twins) i used a little insulin, and my 3rd I needed alot more insulin. I was diagnosed with type 1 a couple of months after my 3rd pregnancy. My endo says that it developed very slowly.

Dorothy Thilmany I had gestational diabetes. I was 38 at the time. It continued to progress to Type 1. It took around 6mo.

Brooke Souza Dorothy Thilmany same kinda. I was 4 months pp and I started losing my eye sight, drinking so much water and not peeing.. my meter just said high so I went to the er and they told me it was 651 😓 I’ve been trying to handle it since

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