My Daughters first day of school yesterday


My Daughters first day of school yesterday. First time with Dexcom on her arm and visible to other kids. She’s trying to be strong and proud of her diabetes. After school she told me no one wanted to play with her at recess . Broke my heart as she cried. 5th grade can be tough. How can I teach her to be more strong and independent and proud. ?

Munjeeta Sohal

I would have a chat with the teacher. I was a teacher for years and the way you talk about things changes everything. I told my classes about my diabetes on the first day and they were always fascinated. The teacher should absolutely be able to support your daughter in this

Michelle Erickson

One thing that helps my kiddos- I have 4 with special Needs, including 2 with Type1- I go into the class and speak with the teacher about having a day to learn about diabetes and other medical issues that way kids understand what’s going on and what to look for- It helps open eyes a lot!!!

Kira LeNoble

Reach out to her school counselor to see if they can do a classroom activity on kindness and diversity?

Laura Haines Rasmussen

Would she be comfortable talking in front of the class about why she uses the CGM? That their bodies monitor them automatically, she has to have computerized help?

Dorothy Thilmany

Sometimes kids are just unsure yet curious. Once she gets a chance to explain about her Diabetes and how her CBM works. It helps alot. My son was 3 when diagnosed but always made friends eventually. Just keep encouraging her!

Julie Freedman

You can get patches that go over the sensor with all sorts of designs and colors. It makes it look less like a medical device to other children.

Pamela L. Williams

I work in the schools. I agree with reaching out to the teacher. Maybe you and your daughter could have a few minutes to talk about it. Kids love tech so if she explained the “cool tech” she has they will change their attitude. Does she have friends from last year in class that you could reach out to? (Kids get accustomed to strange things. My son wore tape on his face for a year after a surgery to lessen the scar showing. Kids asked and then went on their way.)

Barbara Wheeler

Now days kids love technology so perhaps you or someone could talk with the class about diabetes and explain the CGM and the technology it uses. Tell them it is sort of like magic how it does what it does.

Caryn Conlin

Did they not want to play because of the CGM? I ask because my daughter had issues with making friends unrelated to health issues. (I am the T1)
Kids can be tough. I just continually stressed what an amazing girl she was and that eventually others would see that. I would explain that sometimes when kids aren’t nice it is usually an insecurity about them and not my girl and that in time others will come around after they see what a strong and confident person my girl is.
Maybe as time goes on and others see that the CGM isn’t who your daughter is, but something your daughter has they will forget about it and want to be her friend. I hope she has a fabulous year!!

Chelsea Telkamp

Does she think it was because of the cgm? Can she try to approach kids to play or is she shy?
I’m much older than 5th grade but I have to say seeing someone in public with a cgm or the clear pump tubing or hearing the familiar pump alert beeping makes an instant automatic friend now! It’s an unfortunate bond that you share with that person and I have made great friends now thru a diabetes connection

Jody Henderson

Parents need to teach their children compassion. Our differences make us beautiful and we should teach our children to open up to new friendships. That new girl with the “weird thing on her arm” could end up being a life long friend. I hope your daughter meets some amazing friends and finds strength to hold her head high and know her self worth until she finds a group who will see her for how amazing she is

Jill Galka Dipple

Why do kids have to be so mean?? This just breaks my heart for her!! Stay strong little trooper!!

Kris Weliever

Love the idea of her speaking to class why she has that, how cool it is, and keeps her safe!!!

Natalie Marchand

buy her some pretty stickers and diabetes supplies, makes me feel better!! annnnd for the students maybe tell her to inform them on her disease in front of the class? thats what i did to avoid rumours (aside of regular rumours u cant control) all my classmates were so impressed with how educated i was and had soo many questions!! kids are cruel though im in my last year of highschool and it only gets harder but, YOURE A DIABADASS

Bruce Lavery

My daughter diagnosed at 20 months. So when she started going to school my wife and i went to my daughters class and gave the students a little show and tell about her diabetes. The students asked very good questions. As my daughter got older her classmates whould keep an eye on her. When she was in a grumpy mood just because they would tell her to test because she was not herself.

Kristy White

My daughter decided to talk to all her kids in her class about diabetes in her science class, when she went back to school after being newly diagnosed. This was helpful to all her classmates to understand. And she felt better knowing they knew what everything was she was using and they stopped staring and asking ?’s.

Erica Gunter

Well don’t do what my parents did and bring a video to school that teaches about Diabetes and a little girl peeing on a strip to check for ketones…believe me kids won’t let you live that down the rest of the year lol

Maruja Tosses

Ok, I teach Zumba, and when my students ask what my cgm on my arm is, I tell them my “bionic energy sensor”😜
Tell your kiddo to let the other kids know it makes her uniquely awesome! At least a couple of them will want to play because they want to be awesome too! It only takes 1, then the rest will follow.
When I was a kid, I was frustrated for being the only kid in class who had to eat in front of everyone because I had to have a snack. (This was in 4th grade), by time 5th grade rolled around the kids that picked on me, I purposely sat next to them and pulled my snack out and asked if they were hungry while I crunched in my Apple! 😂 you gotta take being different as a benefit and not a curse. 😁 your kid can do stuff other kids can’t do, and it a lot braver for it! Shots? “Oh, you’re scared of shots? I take those 3 times a day!”
Own it! The more she owns it, the kids will have no other choice. It’s not something they can make her feel bad about! -that, and big hugs help too.

Brigitte Yamamoto 

I use griff grips tapes (come in fun sizes and shapes) to have more people ask me what my sensors are to engage in conversation and for me to educate others. I’m so sorry. I don’t know if that is helpful but wishing you all the best

Mary Shivy 

Go to visit that class and teach them how proud you are that she has a deck com. Years ago no such thing. Teach them, set her as an example to all of them.

Amanda Victoria

get her a cool sticker for her site!! it’s a conversation starter.

if her teacher is supportive and helpful, I’d ask them for personal suggestions based on the vibe of the room

Teija Barnett 

Ugh, I wish my kids were at school with her. Children of diabetics are always so understanding and sympathetic. I’m sorry. I’m sure it’ll pass.

Julia Robertson 

Talk to the teacher.
Perhaps she could explain the problem.
Then explain that lots of kids in the class have problems,
?? gets asthma.
?? epilepsy,
Walk different,
Food or gluten allergies.
Sometimes its pointing out that everyone has thei own problem
That its good to share some problems, si that other know how to help, if a problem arises.

Tiffanie Moyer 

Wear a fake one show her that you are a cool dad and you don’t care what others think. It’s the cool thing to do. (Order a sample one to try) put in on her lower back (it can go there) so the kids can’t see it or tell the other kids to eat shit hahahaha. Ok that last one was a joke. She could tell them she is now a robot or a science experiment 😁

Is she the only kid in the entire school that has it? Geez Louise. 🤬Kids are just rude it’s a life saving device for her and amazing to have so hopefully she will understand that they just do not matter. My daughter started wearing one in the 4tg grade but I started wearing one as well so she thought it was the coolest thing. There are many kids in school with it too. I’m sorry this is happening. I guess hide it under her clothing and once it gets cold long sleeves go on kids will forget.

Erica Gunter 

No really if I was her, I would be wearing sleeves that cover it up for a few days and then once you’ve made friendships you can explain what it is and show it off. As far as the kid speaking to the class or having a parent come in, you can make it socially awkward for the child that way, take it from my experience. Ask the teacher to maybe include it in one of her lessons so your daughter is treated normally as the rest of the students. Have sugar-free or low carb options at every classroom party. We want to make Diabetes education in classrooms about the comfort of the individual with it not the hoorah glorified Diabetes those who don’t have it may perceive.

Rachael Binford 

I volunteered at a summer camp for T1D kids and one of the girls told me she’s part unicorn, that’s why she wears her dexcom and omnipod. I want to be that cool!! She needs a shirt that says “im diabetic, what’s your super power”. Tell her we all think she’s awesome and those kids are just intimidated by how cool she is (because diabetics ARE THE coolest- it’s a scientific fact!!!)!

Kira Campbell Fuller 

I was diagnosed middle of 1st grade (25+ years ago now). Every year we did a little “show and tell day” to my next class. In middle school and high school I even talked to a few of the health classes about diabetes. I would pass around some of my supplies (whatever was safe to handle). It helped me and my classmates. As I got older it helped me feel safer that most of the kids in my school knew me and knew that I had diabetes so if something were to ever go wrong they knew to get me help right away. Hang in there and keep advocating for your kiddo!!

Alex James

And, kids pick up on her insecurities and that could be the barrier, not the patch. Wear long sleeve for now. The more of a big deal you make of it…the more she will fall into victim mode. Tell her, she is better than that and tomorrow is a new day. SHE CaN dO It

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