How do you deal with knowing your diabetes is the reason your family is one step away from being homeless

69125642_10157670005968793_717722033395335168_nHow do you deal with knowing your diabetes is the reason your family is one step away from being homeless?? I have a special needs son and nobody can take us in with his needs and all. We cannot afford things. We don’t qualify for assistance. I feel like such a burden to my family. I feel useless. We’d be fine if we weren’t spending so much to keep me alive. We can’t even afford my insulin this month. No idea what to do there.

Pam Brooks At walmart no prescription needed Walmart insulin about 25.00 a bottle

Charlene Gibbs Pam Brooks I cannot use that kind of insulin. It’s not the same kind as what I use and last time I tried it I broke out in hives.

Abby Allen Charlene Gibbs All doctors receive samples. They may have been out. Speak to them again. Pharmaceutical sales reps give samples to doctors offices.

Charlene Gibbs Abby Allen I have asked several times (when struggling in the past even) and I have a friend who works there. They no longer receive insulin samples for some reason.

Jeanni Day Dancy Have you spoken to his nurse? I’m a nurse at a Dr’s office and one of the things I spend a lot of time is trying to find programs, coupons, charities that help with cost of meds. I usually don’t know a patient needs help unless she or the dr (& rarely the pharmacy) lets me know. I wish I knew of some specifics for insulin; but I’m an OBGYN nurse and you’re missing a uterus. 😉 Good luck. I can’t imagine how stressful this is for you.

Toni Mason Charlene Gibbs tell ur pharmacy you can’t pay due to financial hardship. They should waive the cost for you. I know someone in the same situation & their pharmacy gives them the prescriptions for free.

Wendy Anderson Dittman Charlene, have you applied for the Medicaid Waiver in Ohio for your child? Could you get additional funding from the state for your child’s needs and therefore be better able to provide for your own. Please try all the different social services agencies in your county and state. Medicaid Waiver is not income based.

Kasey Guerra You could try calling your doctor to see if they give out samples. You could also try calling the insulin company to see if they can help.

Susan Ann Bass Card I lost everyone due to my charcot foot now i had surgery its ooh how are you when you heal we should hang? Butt wait WHAT? what happened for past 3 and half yrs

Julia Robertson What can you cut down on?
What insulin do you use?
Vehicles, more than 1?
Do you work?

Please don’t jump on me,
I know of someone who put their child into foster care,
the child gets the medication required.
They visit weekly.
The parents also get medical help.
They also took in borders.

Pam Brooks And savings cards before I got on medicare my copays were zero go on line look for the savings cards after medicare had to get doctor to change to something I could afford

Jody Frahm Go to the website of your insulin manufacturers and search for a card or coupon from them. I take Treshiba, not coveted by my insurance it is $500. With their savings card it is $25.

Also can you drop your internet and cable provider? That has helped me a lot. I am so sorry you are in this situation. You are not alone.

Heidi Beltzman Please do give up. Please talk to your pharmacist I did find myself in a horrible situation and Walgreens pharmacies helped me….

Ashara Yvonne I am so sorry! A thought : look for a VIM clinic, Volunteers in Medicine,clinics are In different cities all the country. They help people who are w/o insurance or are underinsured. I have used a local one here in Florida.

Abigail Rivera Where do you live, I know in PA we have MAWD, that helps cover what regular health insurance doesn’t specifically for conditions covered under ADA

Mark Schweim After losing my job in 2012, I was unable to find employment with Insurance benefits and made too little to pay for my own Insurance but too much to qualify for State or Federal medical assistance. I was seriously planning on starting to order my Insulin from Canada for only $49/vial instead of paying over $400 per vial in the USA but I got lucky and found a job with decent insurance that started covering my Insulin and other supplies less than one week before I had figured I’d have to either order some Insulin from Canada or run out of Insulin!!!

Cristina Hartman Call the 1 800 number on the box of insulin sana fa will ship insulin to your doctors office for you free

Cindy Burgio Campaniello Walmart has a very cheap vials of insulin. It’s a different formula but it’s better than nothing. I think its 25.00 in my US state. ASK your Dr and the pharmacy how to administer the dose. Praying for you ! Apply for assistance too and call the insulin manufacturer as well

Sue Ann Rhamanohar Guys you are all so helpful. I am happy I joined this group…I am in the same situation cannot afford my insulin and begin skipping to take it to conserve what I have but I am getting worse A1C is 11.9….I will try some of your advises to see how best i can get mine..

Vanessa Martinez How come you don’t qualify for any assistance? Do you have help with his needs? Can you get on Medicaid for yourself or your son? Maybe talk to the local housing assistance program so that if you need help with subsidized housing then they can lead you in the right direction with that, and then maybe you’ll have a little bit to help pay for your prescriptions. I work with clients that are in similar situations as you. They struggle to pay for their prescriptions and run the risk of losing their housing. I am so sorry you are going through this. Reach out to your local social services as well to help.

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