I have had diabetes for 42 years and I luckily don’t have any complications

65645321_1841747319259895_2949761363976650752_nHi guys!
I have had diabetes for 42 years and I luckily don’t have any complications. I have 2 eye floaters though and wonder if they can be diabetes related?

Sylvia Dunleavy Love seeing this, being positive and kicking diabetes ass 👏
Any big tip to give myself I have it 6 years xxx I’m doing alright but could be better

Daniela Penelope Dominguez Yes! Please go get that looked it. I just had a Vitrectomy surgery July 24th. Oct. 2018 my blood vessels exploded in my eyes,I went thru months of lasers and injections till finally I had my surgery.

David Rundo Yes they could be Could have diabetic retinopathy. You should get it checked out by an ophthalmologist

Charlotte Blaylock Forester Just saw my eye dr yesterday. After doing my diabetic eye exam he told me floaters come with age & not diabetes

Daniela Penelope Dominguez I have Diabetic retinopathy,I’m blind in my right and my left started to go bad. I’m only 31 yrs. 😔 it’s been very hard but I’m doing much better.

Jenn Taylor I have had floaters forever and my eyes are fine. I don’t have any complications either.

Jeff Webster See your local opthamalogist about it. I had floaters back in December and mine said it had nothing to do with my diabetes. He said he couldn’t see any evidence of diabetes in my eyes. Might have to deal with cataract eventually, but not diabetes related. Doctors can give you some steroid eye drops and make the floaters go away. Easy Peasy.

Sandi Crawford My eye had a floater then boom, it blew up and I couldn’t see out of my eye. Dr. said it could drain on it’s own so I waited 9 months then had to have a vitrectomy then my other eye started. Please go in and have it check asap.

Leigh Rollins My husband has floaters but not diabetes; I have T1d but no floaters. They are pretty common.

David Weinstein Macular degeneration
Diabetic retinopathy.
Could lead to blindness

Jake Esposito Yes I get them often from blood vessels breaking in eye but could be age related as well its in best interest go see eye doctor asap take it from me I waited too long last year and it cost me vision in right eye

Tammy Young Miller Not necessarily. I had my floaters long before I had diabetes. In fact, the healthier I get, the floaters become less and less.

Paul J Berberich Sr. See a retinal specialist. They can take pictures of your eyes and see if any problems are lurking. Floaters are, I think, small leaks from the blood vessels in your eyes.

Jeff Webster Could just be simple floaters. See an opthamologist. I had them in December, prescribed steroid eye drops and were completely gone in three weeks.

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