I was diagnosed 11 days ago with a random bs level of 11

69703787_176583613379667_9056966999304830976_nI was diagnosed 11 days ago with a random bs level of 11. My doctor and I agreed that I would have 3 months to turn this around before discussing medications. I immediately got a monitor, went on a 20 hr fast and cleaned out my fridge. The next day I did a 24 hour fast and cleaned out my cupboards. Committed to fasting meant no cheating as I tossed things out. I started eating LCHF and charted what I ate, when I fasted, exercised and my glucose readings. I struggled at first because I did not know what good carbs looked like. I learned they don’t look like apples and oranges…they look more like cauliflower and cucumbers. In that 11 days I have lost 10lbs and my bs has gone from 9s and 8s to 4.9. I have until mid November to continue adapting to this new WOE and I think I am gonna be just fine. I am grateful for this group, the support it offers and for the brave members who post their highs and lows. Thank you one and all.

Amy Thomas You got your A1C down in 11 days? I’m sorry, maybe I’m reading your post wrong.

Suren J Jagai You are amazing. I doubt you will require medication at this rate. I wished I had your kind of discipline.

Barb Tait Thank you Suren. I have been told my whole life that I am stubborn and tenacious (my daughter says it 3 times for emphasis)…my sister says I am strong willed. When I set my mind to something I do it. I guess when I was young that was not always a good thing… but the trait does come in handy for some things.

Suren J Jagai Barb Tait Well thanks to those virtues, I don’t expect you to develop any complications from diabetes. It cannot be reversed but it can be put at bay.

Sheila R. Pazera What does fasting mean..you eat nothing? How is that good for our level we could bottom out no?

Barb Tait There can be many benefits in fasting for longer than 8 hrs. It must be done safely and knowledgeably and with your physicians approval. Many people do it for extended periods for religious reasons. Fasting past 8 hours means only water to drink and sometimes a little salt under the tongue. I won’t go into depth here but it can be done without harm if done right…. and you eat proper foods to refuel when done the fast.

Nancyl Wilcocks fasting for 20 or 24 hours is not something to do often. Most will stop eating after their evening meal(I stop at 8, then try not to eat until the noon meal, unless I have to work in the morning(physically strenuous job). It is called Intermittent Fasting.

Nancyl Wilcocks Sheila R. Pazera you don’t have to, your body, especially your pancreas, gets rest when you sleep but some have found good success with the If. Once you are well into lchf woe you will find you don’t get as hungry and so if is pretty easy. Of course we always have to keep a close eye on our bs, and it will help bring highs down closer to normal. We are constantly watching our numbers and adjusting our food intake accordingly. It is a process, but getting those high down is the most important thing at first. You should also be prepared for any levels that get too low, so that is why we are encouraged to test, to be sure, and to have glucose tablets available if we so need them.

Janet Lightner Palmer that is fantastic!!!! after checking out other group on here, I found this group is the best!!!! Everyone is so helpful and no as of yet that I have seen posting here acts like a doctor… Everyone has given good sound advice…love the part that they will say “check with your doctor” other groups on here are very quick to tell someone they are doing it all wrong… I am very glad I found this group.

Katie Ward Yah you! Keep reading over our list- it is easy to think something is there that isn’t eat fat it is really important!

Barb Tait Oh Katie….that was / is still the challenge for me. After years of believing the myth that fat is bad and only buyig low fat products it is a brain challenge to accept that getting the full fat options are better for me. I have followed the list provided and bought butter, full fat sour cream and cottage cheese, and I have a selection of cheeses in the fridge along with heavy whipped cream. I have a grocery list on my phone of things to keep an eye out for like jicama and daikon radish…..Cooking for one use to be a drag but I now find it both fun and interesting to experiment with new recipes and spices.

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