When I was diagnosed I had anA1C of 8.1, and started a low carb journey that resulted in 60 pounds lost and an A1C of 5.7

70732976_2200067620119260_5327758956179750912_nWell, blood tests came back worse than I expected. When I was diagnosed I had anA1C of 8.1, and started a low carb journey that resulted in 60 pounds lost and an A1C of 5.7… it also resulted in a surprise pregnancy (since I had been told many times that I would never have children). During the pregnancy my A1C went up to 6 and shortly after those results I had complications and an emergency c-section delivery at 33weeks. Since then (7 months now) I have not been able to get back on the low carb wagon or do anything successful to lose the 50 pounds that I put back on. Now my doctor calls and says that my A1C is 9.3! Feeling totally defeated at the moment to have taken such a step backwards. I’ve got to get things back in order and healthier my twins.

Amanda Mandikims Hang in there and take baby steps. Also, check in with your own mental well-being. Maybe speak with someone about how you’ve been feeling as well

Heidi Holeman Don’t be defeated! If you did it once you can do it again. Starting over is discouraging but stay positive! One step at a time going through pregnancy is tough but so are you. Chin up and get to work. I went to the Dollar Tree and gave myself a star for every pound I lost. Even adults like to get stars🤩I have twins too!

Elaine Scott Jenkins Congratulations on your babies!
I have twins ( they are 40 years old). But….. I got dx 3 months ago type 2.

Its normal to feel defeated, but mom’s have this strength and power that they normally wouldn’t have, if not for knowing they have to take care of their children. You can and will get it together!

Renee Hickey Super mumma you have not long ago had twins! Your tired, hormonal & stressing about looking after yourself. Hang in there, give yourself a break & do small things to get you back on track. You are a T1D warrior that will get back on track! Breathe & smile as you are doing great 

Amy Steinitz Gross I’m taking prednisone for asthma and want to look at my numbers as defeat but it’s not. At least you have those babies while all I have are inhalers lol.

Caryn Conlin My advice is shake it off and start again. I was diagnosed a couple years ago at 52. T1. I got got down to 7 then back to 9 A1C. I was so discouraged. The stress made my bg even worse. So I started again with baby steps. Researched the Dexcom G6 which helps tremendously and took it a day at a time. I’m back to where I was and I’m improving every day. Just remember those babies need a happy healthy momma. So shake it off and start again!!! You got this!!

Tiffanie Moyer You got this! Look at your babies and know they need you to GET IT. 😁😁 congratulations shake it off. It sucks and don’t we all know it. You can do it! Good luck. Enjoy the kids! They grow fast like weeds

Judy Simpson Koerth Your body has been through a heck of a lot. Twins – how awesome.
So take it slow. Day by day. Make small changes and then move forward. Good luck to you.

Kathleem Reese-Brooks You will win the battle take it one moment at a time.you are now a mothwr of twins so you have your hands more than full..dont be so hard on yourself.reach out to other diabetics for support…we are here for you..

Judy Urekar Goodnow Life throws us curves all the time. You lost that weight because your babies were ready for you. Take your time you will get back on track. Congratulations on them babies

Cassie Petersen Congratulations on your beautiful surprise! I’m nearly 8 weeks postpartum and I admit it is very difficult to get back on the straight and narrow. It’s a journey but just know you can take steps toward a low carb life style and it doesn’t have to be overnight. Start with one meal and go from there! Be sure to nourish yourself first and foremost! Your body went through a marathon. You can do this!

Annie Lisa I had two very strictly controlled pregnancies followed by a long period of difficulties getting my a1c anywhere near where it used to be. 7 years on from my last pregnancy, I’m in better control but those first couple years were so chaotic it was really hard to take care of myself. If you have any people around you who can help you out so you have a little time to take care of yourself, food prep, you should lean on them and ask for help. Also try moderate carb instead of low carb if you’re comfortable. I find it much more manageable and less restrictive

Linda Hagdorn Please don’t be so hard on yourself…you will get there. Look to your diabetic nurse educator for some support and guidance.

Sharon Gerber You have babies! You will get your sugars under control again. See if you can get at Freestyle Libre CGM. GREATEST INVENTION! Giving up gluten (I am not low carb though) has helped my numbers tremendously.

Regina Williams Coffey You beat it once and had not 1 but 2 beautiful babies. I know for real how hard it is to get back on the wagon so maybe we try this together!!!

Samantha McCallum Thank you everyone for the kind words and encouragement. My Dr. said that because I am T2 I don’t need a CGM and he also told me that my previous habit of checking my glucose 6-7 times a day (fasting and before/2hours post meals) was too much. He tried telling me that I should only be checking a couple times a week and on those days check fasting and before/after my 2 biggest meals. I understand that excessive checking isn’t good, but hardly checking at all isn’t good either. My habits before helped me learn what foods to eat and how my body reacted and helped me control/lower my diabetes. I don’t have the time to put in so much effort to self care at the moment, but I would love to find a middle ground.

Vicki Lear Breckenridge I think you need a new doctor! I’m sorry this is such a difficult time for you. Praying for you.With an A1c of 9,3, I would think you should have one.

Samantha McCallum Vicki Lear Breckenridge that is my new Doctor. The one I had and loved merged with another group and isn’t practicing in the same capacity so she told me I needed to find a new doctor. I know this one, he cares for my twins and my husband sees him, but my first appointment with him leaves me not so sure about him

Vicki Lear Breckenridge Samantha McCallum I would ask around for one that treats diabetes more aggressively so they would help you get your A1c down with some of the tools available. CGM etc.

Annette Mischitelli Thorpe Don’t you give up, especially with a little precious baby! It’s not easy, we all have good days and (many) bad days. Stay focused and move forward!

Lori Weisman Don’t feel defeated! Your hormones are trying to get back to normal. Take a deep breath and go on to fight another day. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of non-caffeine drinks. Possible dehydration will lead to high bs. You got this!

Shannon Lawler Fessler I agree, congratulations on your little miracles! Please don’t be so hard on yourself you have made amazing strides and accomplishments! You are strong and dedicated…You Will Do It Again!! You are a mother now and will learn that we have to be healthy to take care of everyone else. I believe in you…WE are Amazing!! Best wishes!

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