Found out I have Diabetes Type 2, A1C was 11.5

70329053_2194760760649946_4021001945052348416_nHello all, a few months ago (April 7th, 2019) I checked myself into a hospital for my depression and suicidal thoughts. Found out I have Diabetes Type 2, A1C was 11.5. I was in the hospital a month and giving insulin shots. When I was released they gave me a month of Metformin, since then I’ve run out, no doctor, no prescription, no funds to continue getting them. I do check my BS 2 – 3 times daily and just getting worse. Hard to diet because again funds and my roommate who goes to the market for our food. This is my BS tonight and was wondering if there was any suggestions other than the obvious. Thanks in advance.

Rosa M Fruin You can’t try to get the Metformin at Walmart? Was told is pretty cheap over there.
Also if you don’t have insurance find out about free clinics in your area.

Elisha Boggess Is there a low income clinic in your area that works on a sliding pay scale?
Those numbers are extremely dangerous if they’re constantly that high, and usually considered a medical emergency. You risk getting diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and if your numbers get over 600 hyperosmolar syndrome. Both are deadly if not treated right away.
I want to tell you to try and drink quite a bit of water, it usually lowers mine when my numbers get high, but I don’t think you’re suppose to drink a bunch of water if you have ketones in your urine.

Kathleem Reese-Brooks I know you don’t want to go to the ER but if you do you have the right to speak with a social worker who can connect you with county officials to help you get emergency medical assistance to get meds for Diabetes..

Linda Carmichael The Relion insulins from Walmart are about $25 per vial. However, they are human insulin and do not act like the insulin most people use. You do not need a prescription for them. Without oversight by a dpctor doctor though, you run the risk of going too high or too low.

Alex Rhino Carrillo Yes no insurance, I will be looking for free clinics nearby, I just moved here 3 years ago, in a small town and I still don’t know anyone. Thank you for the suggestions.

Michelle Janiece Alex Rhino Carrillo My metformin is free at Meijer if you have one in your area. You would just have to get a prescription. Or if you can get to a dr you can ask about being put on Walmart insulin. I pay about 25.00 per vial and no prescription for that is needed here in Michigan. I went without meds for years because I am not insured and my health truly suffered. If you can find a way to get to an endocrinologist, please do. Often times they will give you samples to get you through. I’ve gotten free insulins and syringe samples from my doctor. I would have never put it off for so long had I known all of this sooner. My a1c was 14 + in April. Just adding the Walmart insulin alone brought it down to an 8 last week. I hope you find the help you need

Daniela Penelope Dominguez Try a county hospital and go from there. Low income clinic as well. I’m so sorry my heart is sad.

Jake Esposito If nothing else I would chugging water try stay hydrated body will be trying flush sugar out urine takes alot water to do so

Kimberly SP Walking helps lower it a lot also, but you may feel too bad to walk very much. I have started drinking water and walking around at about 390; I felt like CRAP in the beginning, but within 15 minutes I could feel myself feeling better. 30 minutes in I had dropped like 200 points. May not work for you, but you could try it.

Aaren Alseri The damage done to organs with sugars that high is really bad, and will lead to even more complications later in life. When your sugars are that high, you really should drink a lot of water (if your health permits). Your kidneys are getting damaged.

I would try to see someone, somehow. Self managing diabetes and relying on the internet isn’t good. What works for some of us doesn’t work for all.

Cher Castine First of all props to checking yourself into the hospital for the mental troubles. I’ve dealt with that personally. It took me years to find something that helps me with depression that’s free, exercise! Lost a “little brother” (my brother’s best friend) to suicide. Sadly people don’t reach out for help. I’m glad that you did!

As far as dealing with the diabetes. Self education is the way to go for now being that you don’t have a doctor. Eat low carb. Go to the supermarket with your roommate and read those nutrition labels. Exercise 3-5 days a week for at least 30 minutes.
Walmart also sells insulin under the brand name Relion. It’s about $25 per vial. As far as the syringes I’m not sure how you can get them at a reasonable price.
Completely off topic love the name Rhino!

Cher Castine Alex Rhino Carrillo no problem. There was a book that I read when I was first diagnosed. Cause I’m into self educating. It’s called Your First Year With Diabetes by Theresa Garnero.
Also if you have a family member that has it lean on the for the emotional support that you will need dealing with the diabetes. It can be tough to deal with. I took it as my wake up call and I refused to let it kick my ass. It took me a long time and a lot of work to go from 14.9% down to 5.5%

Chelsea Marante Deiffently drink a ton of water cut out sweets and try and do low carb more veggies and meats or eggs fresh fruit cheese if possible cut fast food it may help keep them lower than what your at until you can get some medical insurance maybe try threw the state you reside in for some help and they might be able to guide you in the right direction for the medical insurance

Sue Jones If you’re overweight try intermittent fasting. Keep your carbs 30 g. or less per day. See Dr. Jason Fung on YouTube. It’ll save you lots of money. You don’t have to fuss over making food as much and you’ll lose weight and get your Blood sugars down to normal. You’ll reverse your diabetes and then you’ll be able to gradually go off meds under doctor approval. All the best to you.

Diane Pezza ER insulin prescription.
You will not reverse diabetes with Dr Jason Fung diet if you have type 1. Walmart ReliOn insulin is very very cheap.

Denise Schmitz You should try to get to a doctor. Look for a Federally Qualified Health Center in your area. They will take income-based sliding fee, and may be able to help with meds. Do NOT exercise when your BS is this high. You still need to eat, but small portions and drink plenty of water. If you’re running this high, or higher, you need to check for ketones. Find an FQHC and get appointment.


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