I hate poking my fingers and I hate injecting insulin

I hate poking my fingers and I hate injecting insulin.
What are my options ?


Paz Zait-Givon

Cgms? Dexcoms g5 and g6 are approved for dosing off of. Insulin pump – only stick a needle every 3 days?

Andi Gundlach

If you can get a cgm, you can do less fingersticks. As far as insulin, depends on if you’re type 1 or 2. There are a lot more options for a type 2, including oral meds. Type 1 you need insulin and you pretty much have to use a pump or inject. There is an inhalable insulin called afrezza, but it is short acting insulin.

Dedene Nelson-Court

A CGM and an insulin pump. I have a Freestyle Libre and an Omnipod. Both have really helped me stabilize my blood sugar.

Nina Del Negro Marchese

Tandem t slim and g6 not checking my blood sugars has been a life changer for me!

Eric Hart

Finger pricks are not avoidable. CGMs are approximate only and an actual rest is the only way to know for sure. I have a pump. One painless cannula every five days.

Elif Nazmiye 

Talk to your doctor about a pump and CGM, that’s what I did, but you’re not going to get away with finger sticks completely, but the CGM will help

Ashara Yvonne

I am splurging on painless PIP lancets. I test several times a day and they really are different :-)
I pay all my expenses,no insurance,but my fingers are worth it!

Peter Friedfeld

Cgm is a lifesaver. I hated poking fingers more than the MDI. Never poke again.

Mariel Sotelo

You have no option, even if you use a cgm you still have to check. If you get a pump you have to change it and guess what it has a needle. So, either way you look at it. There is many options


Lyn Corke

only prick my finger occasionally

Steve Manwaring

pricking and injecting is like breathing to me. don’t know what to tell ya aside from a Libre for checking, and a pump for insulin delivery, but even with the Libre and pump there’s finger sticks and they both come with their inherent problems

Steve Jones

I honestly had to learn to love both. That might sound obnoxious but I try to create a positive association each time by reminding myself how amazing it is that insulin exists at all. The last two decades of my life are 100% because of finger pokes and insulin. Hang in there.

Sandra Marisa

Freestyle Libre. It’s amazing, lasts 2 weeks and you just scan yourself

Shelley Kummer Stevens

If you prick your finger often enough, you will get callouses and then it doesn’t hurt as much. After 29 yrs of testing 6-12 times a day, I don’t feel a thing’

Tawni Doliveira

Dexcom and Omnipod. I still prick with the Dexcom G6 but the decision is up to you.

Marianne Oneill

T slim and Dexcom! No finger sticks or calibrations!!

Elizabeth Anderson

You have no option apparently. The pain is minimal. Just thank God you live in a time where diabetes is manageable.

Anna Möller

I always try to think “it could be worse…” I’m glad I got this and not my children”

Dennis Koenig

Pump and CGM. Ive done the shots for over 20 years and been on pump 27 years with CGM the last 3. CGM has made huge leaps forward in the last three years. But every time I had a problem I TOLD them about it,. So don’t be afraid to tell the manufacturers how you realy feel. Non Diabetics have no clue as to what its like. Yesterday had new sensor then had to replace it about 6 hours later. Working now

Maria Christopherson

Get a Medtronic pump i love mine and get tje Dex5

Stephanie Riner

Freestyle Libre has all but eliminated finger pricks for me
I’m on a pump & have been for 10 years. I’d much rather change a site every 3-4 days vs taking 8+ shots a day like before


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