Hi all, wonder if you can help me understand something. I’m a T1D of 39 years

70123202_2406149986141361_8177518466299854848_nHi all, wonder if you can help me understand something. I’m a T1D of 39 years, and have taken the opportunity to do a couple of baseline days this weekend, so have had no carbs and no Humalog.

Yesterday went quite well, starting off at 5mmol, rising slightly in the afternoon but not too far.

This morning however, I awoke with 2.9mmol (52 mg/dl), so had a small amount of carbs (10g), but 90 mins later, my bloods were at 12.2 (220). In my simple mind, that equates to about 90g of carbs. I had nothing else, apart from a cup of tea, with the tiniest bit of milk.

Any of you fine people can explain what this means, I’d be eternally grateful.

Thank you all.


Andi Gundlach Could be a number of different things…dawn phenomenon effect, caffeine, the phase of the moon. Personally i need a lot more insulin in the morning compared to the rest of the day.

Libby-boyd Jarchow when you deprive carbs, your body dumps its own into the bloodstream. No carbs is deadly for your body

Vicky Iasenzaniro As mentioned above, it could be dawn phenomenon where your body dumps a bunch of glucose to give you energy for the day. Or the feet hit the floor response. You may need more basal in the early morning for that. It could also be that your liver dumped glucose in response to the low blood sugar and that combined with your small snack caused the spike.
If you’re able to do a couple more days of checks where you don’t need to do a correction for a low you’ll get a better idea of its dawn phenomenon of feet hit the floor vs a low rebound.
Also…. could just be one of those weird one-off annoying occurrences we get to deal with!

Hey so I have a question to see if it is just me or if others have this problem…. I have been getting really dizzy lately. Over the last 3 months. Just a little background to when this symptom started. I had been on levemir, metformin, trulicity, and glipizide for years. My sugars had been well controlled and I had been losing weight so I talked to my doctor about trying to wean off of some of the meds since I was doing so good. She took me off the glipizide. That has been a train wreck. My sugars went totally out of control and I can’t keep them in normal range every day. My lowest in 3 months was 106 and my highest was 346. That was super scary. So I guess my question is if you guys have had this experience when you have had erratic, crazy changes in your sugars and getting dizzy frequently? I have an appointment on Friday with the diabetes educator and also on October 1st with my new primary PA to adjust meds as well. So I have a good team right now who will definitely make appropriate recommendations and follow my lead as well. So just was curious. Thanks.

Jilly Mo Before I was diagnosed, when I was eating way too many carbs, I was dizzy and lightheaded all the time. After diagnosis, it’s now when I accidentally eat too many carbs during one meal or snack. Definitely for me directly related to carbs. Good luck w everything!

Tina Swailes-Hoyle I hope its nothing serious but about 3 years ago I got dizzy and nauseous and a horrible migraine all at once at work. My dr. Ended up diagnosing me with migrainage vertigo and there is no cure so I hope they can just adjust your meds. Mine turned out to not be my meds

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