I’m having anxiety about my endocrinology appointment scheduled for later today

20190711165200Hello, just need to vent. I’m having anxiety about my endocrinology appointment scheduled for later today. I feel like a diabetic criminal every time I see my endocrinologist (except for the nurse practitioner, she actually listens and tries to help). He questions if I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. One time I had lost almost 30 pounds (desired weight loss) and I was at an ideal weight for my height. He still questioned if I was eating sweets and eating things I shouldn’t be eating. I had to explain to him that I lost weight since my last appt with him and my A1C went down (my other doctors called me “solid” because I was lifting weights almost everyday at the time). I had to put my doctor in his place that time.
I have an appointment with another endocrinologist who is also Type 1 diabetic, but he’s not available until February of 2020. Rant over, thanks for listening.

Leigh Rollins 

I detest that type of doctor. How about some positive comments? I haven’t had an endo yet who was diabetic; they should walk in those shoes for a month, might change their perspective.

Sharon Gerber

I think of docs and mechanics the same way. They work for me and with me to help maintain my vehicle. Mistreatment is not tolerated and I speak up. I change my employees If They don’t do a good job. Glad you will be getting a t1 doc. Should be a better experience.

Tom Duffy 

Time to find a new doctor- there might be someone else before 2020 to fill the gap

Tina Swailes-Hoyle 

I used to see an endocrinologist years ago because my diabetes was so bad. He was such a jerk. I grew up eating like my parents and then one day my dad fell and broke his neck and his diabetes made him take longer to heal. That’s when I decided to change my lifestyle so I started eating healthy and exercising. Not long after I was diagnosed lol. When I went on insulin I gained so much weight because alot of insulin makes you hungry so I ate crap. However these doctors can tell you how bad you’re doing and what to eat and all they know from there books but unless you have this awful disease you dont know what it’s like. Hang in there. It will be ok

Denise DeFever Bordato 

He is questioning with a need to know. He has much more of a picture to look at than you know..do not take it too personally.

Kathy Strickland 

If your dr makes you feel like a criminal you may need a new dr. You have a complicated disease that is in your face every day. It’s not a death sentence.

Judy Baker 

I have seen a very similar post previously, and it makes me crazy that their are docs like this still out there.
You might want to say, your manner is not helpful. I feel unfairly judged.
Just to see what he’s say.
Better to find a new doc.

Elif Nazmiye 

Thanks everyone for “listening” lol. What gave the last straw was when I was at a visit with my primary care physician, he tried calling my endo office to communicate a good medication (not diabetes related but could affect it) regimen for me and the endo refused to speak to my PCP. Even my husband agreed to see someone else as he sees how I control my diabetes and he has been with me at my appointments.

Kresta Leal 

I completely understand. I tend to reschedule just to avoid going for as long as possible.

Becky Wallace 

If at all possible, ask to see someone else. The difference between an empathetic health professional who actually listens and someone who makes you feel like shit no matter what you do… well its the difference between being motivated to do better or getting diabetic burn out. I point blank refuse to see a consultant who has demotivated me in the past.

Mark Schweim

I used to see an Endo when I lived in Alabama, if you could call it that… But I say “if you could call it that” because over the four years I was supposedly seeing an endocrinologist, I actually saw “my endocrinologist” almost every 18 months. The rest of the time the ONLY one who even looked at me on my “endocrinologist appointments” was the CDNP who worked with “my endocrinologist” and the RN who came in to get the blood samples and check my BP before the CDNP came in to see me. (CDNP is what they called the CDE saying that “CDNP” meant “Certified Diabetes Nurse Practitioner.”)

Jennifer Bond

Do you have a diabetes educator? Sorry if the question has been asked?

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