I’m pleased to say that yesterday’s endo visit resulted in a change from insulin to Metformin

68744026_10157345826755782_2006470671852371968_nSince joining this group in June, I’m pleased to say that yesterday’s endo visit resulted in a change from insulin to Metformin. I’ve read here that many people have bathroom problems with Metformin. However, my endocrinologist said that this rarely happens – and when it does, it usually resolves in 2-4 days. My day one has resulted awful diarrhea after only one pill. Does it get better?

Michael Boyd Yes it gets better – after a short time it will go back to normal however I occasionally have issues but suspect it is what I eat and not the metformin that causes it.

Ashley Andrews I agree with Michael. If I am bad and eat too many carbs or not properly, I pay for it the next day, For example, I didn’t want dinner last night, as I was late eating lunch – so I decided to have a few crackers and then popcorn. Needless to say, I worked from home today! LOL

Karen M. Sandlin Ashley Andrews the doc didn’t mention mistakes with food would cause problems! I’m working really hard at eating right, but am not always perfect!

Teri Darrington It never did resolve for me on the regular metformin. I’m talking 6 weeks. Once I switched to the ER version, I was fine within a few days.

Christy Hipp-Spilman I’m on day 3 of metformin XR. Had 1st solid stool today, hoping worst is over!

Ashley Andrews It gets better – I was about a week, Key for me is to eat with food, drink lots of water after and avoid carbs as best I can.

Pat Tiernan Matthews It may not be the metformin, it could just be you getting used to the new WOE

Annette Sanabria-Archilla In the beginning i went 6 times 1 day but then I started taking iron and was constipated. Now, Met kicks me sometimes in a week especially when I have dr appointment or need to go to the store. Otherwise when at home no running to 🚽

Annette Sanabria-Archilla Oh I forgot to mention that even though you get to run to the 🚽 it is not bad because it is not a total mess. You get to wipe out easily😂. Just pour some spray and you are good.

Gay Zelden Blanke I always had trouble with metformin. I was on 1000 mg twice a day. No matter what I ate I was in the bathroom. It did help me lose 35 lbs. The best news because of that was my Aic is now 4.9. When I found out in feb. it was 9.3. So I am off all pills for now. I just have to be really strict with my diet for now on. I hope you adjust to it soon.

Monique Potter Noriz My first week on it, I couldn’t hold anything down (either way). It didn’t matter what I ate. I got put on the extended release which helped at the time. Everyone reacts differently. Good luck to you!

Eric Nelson Yes. I’ve been on MetFormin for 9 days now and I seem to be good today thankfully.

Sandra Navigato-Varley Day 5 today and no issue. Days 1 thru 4 were awful. Stick with it.

Robin Bridgewater Tingley I must be one of the lucky ones- day 3 taking the ER formula, 1000 mg, during dinner, and knock on wood, no problems at all so far.

Shannon Hennessy Gardner mine also was resolved after switching to the extended release , also what you have eaten can have an affect with it as well in the beginning

Becky Atkinson It didn’t for me until I was put on Metformin ER. extended release.

Jose Gaspar For me it’s never went away, diarrhea that is. The metformin mess up my GI tract forever. I discontinued metformin and still have the loose stools. I even tried the extended release metformin and still didnt tolerate it.

Amy Austin I had nausea and off and on mild diarrhea for close to two weeks but then it leveled out and I was fine. After speaking with other people who had taken it, they had experienced the same.

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