I’m in the process of getting tested for diabetes

69631320_10157415996061877_3665088669636624384_nI’m in the process of getting tested for diabetes I have just about every sign for type 2 diabetes it also runs in my dads side of the family both my dad and grandmother (on both sides have diabetes) but I’ve read about skin conditions that diabetics get and I have at least 2 of them ( that I believe due to diabetes) I have like pimple goosebumps on both my arms back in may I woke up with rashes on my arms,thighs even on my butt it was just dry skin it burned even stings and itched like crazy I would treat it but it took nearly 2 months to go away,I deal with itchy legs quite often sometimes I can’t sleep due to the fact I’m constantly itching my legs it’s mostly on my lower legs and one sign I have always dismissed was randomly I can feel both light headed,dizzy I start to shake even get nauseous ,anxious and I have to hurry and find the closest place to lay down or I feel I will pass out if I don’t once I lay down I feel extremely tired sometimes I nearly fall asleep before I feel better the last time this happened was in June and I just got out of the shower and it hit me out of nowhere and I wasn’t even dressed yet so I rushed to get dress so I could lay down on the couch the closest place I could find I was tested for diabetes back in 2010 but they never called me back and this started several months after that test and never knew why plus the doctors office never called me back so I have no idea if I had diabetes then or if it is starting now I have a doctors appointment on September 26th so hopefully I can get answers then

My successful Diabetes Treatment Story

My doctor diagnosed me with diabetes just over a year ago, at the time I was prescribed Metformin. I went to the some diabetes related websites and learned about the diet they suggested. I started the diet right away and I was very loyal to it. However, after weeks of being on the diet it never helped, my blood sugar didn’t drop like I wanted it to. My personal physician wasn’t much help either, he didn’t really seem to give me any other options besides my prescription and the usual course of insulin. I was about to give up and then I discovered a great treatment method. The guide was authored by one of the leading professionals in the world of diabetes research, Dr. Max Sidorov. This is a guide that that shows you, in a very simple way, how to conquer the disease without traditional methods. I have to say that since I’ve found the guide and followed it, I’ve not only improved my health but I’ve also lost weight and improved other aspects as well. My activities have increased and I have a ton of energy! It is my goal to share the this diabetes treatment method as much as possible to show people there’s more to the disease than traditional schools of thought and you can find your own path to healing with natural methods.

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