I’m a t2 on MDIs who’s spent the past 4 yrs really struggling with an ever-increasing A1C

69634983_10157449483881877_8854575749336662016_nI have been hanging out in the 100s most of the day. This may not sound impressive, but I’m a t2 on MDIs who’s spent the past 4 yrs really struggling with an ever-increasing A1C…and I’m on a one-week CGM trial…and for the first time, I’m getting a clearer pic of what spikes me and how badly…so when you consider that I’ve been running 200s-400s since last year, pretty much all the time, perhaps you will understand why, on this day of cascading down through numbers I haven’t seen in literally years, I am close to tears woth joy and gratitude. I know a lot of us here are t1s dealing with a lot tougher job than I have with this, but I’m a long-term pediatric cancer survivor, and this on top of my other late effects has been – well, rough. After about 4 yrs of being a model patient with my diabetes, I snapped with the diagnosis of yet another late effect cancer, and I’ve struggled to do the right thing ever since. I’ve been trying to do better with counting and limiting carbs lately, but with the CGM I can REALLY tell what’s working and what’s not. No idea yet whether I’ll be able to get one permanently, but oh, how I love this device, and oh, how THRILLED I am! <3 Just wanted to share with people who will understand what it means to go from 200s-400s to 120s-160s, and why that would feel like such a major victory.

Congrats! The numbers are definitely things I deal with on the regular too. It’s frustrating but you seem to have gone through a lot so you can keep this up! Its good to know you’ve had progress with the CGM because I have been considering that as well as a t2. I think it would give me a more accurate picture like it had you. Keep up the good work! I hope you are able to get the CGM permanently!


My successful Diabetes Treatment Story

My doctor diagnosed me with diabetes just over a year ago, at the time I was prescribed Metformin. I went to the some diabetes related websites and learned about the diet they suggested. I started the diet right away and I was very loyal to it. However, after weeks of being on the diet it never helped, my blood sugar didn’t drop like I wanted it to. My personal physician wasn’t much help either, he didn’t really seem to give me any other options besides my prescription and the usual course of insulin. I was about to give up and then I discovered a great treatment method. The guide was authored by one of the leading professionals in the world of diabetes research, Dr. Max Sidorov. This is a guide that that shows you, in a very simple way, how to conquer the disease without traditional methods. I have to say that since I’ve found the guide and followed it, I’ve not only improved my health but I’ve also lost weight and improved other aspects as well. My activities have increased and I have a ton of energy! It is my goal to share the this diabetes treatment method as much as possible to show people there’s more to the disease than traditional schools of thought and you can find your own path to healing with natural methods.

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