I just need to know if anyone else have ever dealt with what I am

I am posting here because I just need to know if anyone else have ever dealt with what I am. I started Lantus in 2016 and it like with every insulin they try me on (I am now on a pump with apidra) after a few days on insulin my muscles everywhere start to hurt, then my hips, legs and feet start hurting to the point I can barely walk. I have none of these symptoms without insulin. Help

Alberto Jalalon

Did you go back to your doctor and let him or her know what’s happening to you?

Judy Urekar Goodnow

Yes numerous times including my endocrinologist and I was ignored

Elisha Boggess

Yes!!! No matter how much water I drink and it even feels deeper than muscle pain, like bone pain.

Christiana Matthews

Have they checked your vitamin D levels? I had such bad body aches I couldn’t get out of bed, and it was because of low Vit D and B 12.

Jeanni Day Dancy

Have you spoken with your pharmacist? They’re usually a good resource if your Dr can’t (or won’t) help you with med side effects.

Henry Eddie Bryan 

Are you also taking g any stations? This can be a side effect of them also.

Judy Urekar Goodnow

Yes but I have been on a statin for years. These symptoms are only if I am on insulin. I change my pod every 3 days. When it gets bad like this I leave it off for 2 days and the pain goes away



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