Is a Keto diet good for diabetic ?

Is a Keto diet good for diabetic ?


Doris Sissy Meneses 

It is the only thing that has worked for me. I’ve lost 97 pounds so far and A1C, cholesterol and all levels have dropped tremendously to the point that I may soon be off of meds.

Brian Robbins 

I started a keto diet in May. It took me some time to figure out what I was doing. I use June 1 as my actual start date because that’s when I started losing weight. I’ve lost 30 lbs and my total daily insulin use has gone from 155 units per day to 70 units. My blood sugar control is fairly good using automode on my 670G, but it was slightly better on my 530G.

Valerie Cottman 

What happens when your body goes into Keto? Are you having normal symptoms of ketones?

Michelle Erickson 

Personally, I don’t think it’s good for anyone. There’s so much research coming out now about the damage it does to your organs…….

Doris Sissy Meneses 

You cannot cheat on it or your cholesterol will go sky high. You must be very obedient to the diet however I found it easy once I got going.

Jacklyn Kline

T1D here. I’ve been keto for 1 1/2 years and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made for my diabetes management. ALL of my blood work and cholesterol are well within normal parameters.

I feel like a common misconception about Keto is all you eat is fat-and that’s so further from the truth. Eating healthy low carb with plenty of veggies and protein. It’s not all cheese, bacon, and hamburgers

Dedene Nelson-Court 

You betcha! My blood sugars have never been so stable and no more lows!

Jill Kidd-Reichert 

Td2 and I’ve been doing IF and keto for over a year. It’s the best decision I ever made. My overhealth has greatly improved I am able to manage my diabetes without medication and my cholesterol is falling (yes eating a high fat diet and my cholesterolis falling). There is a lot of positive medical research about eating a diet high in healthy fats despite what many will tell you. I suggest you look at the medical research yourself.

Monica Furlan 

I’ve been on it for 3 months now. No more insulin but still take glipizide. My doctor approved it prior to starting. It’s hard to get used to at first and the carb cravings can be vicious but after a few weeks it comes natural. I’ve lost a lot of weight as well. You have to learn to eat healthy fats. I was worried about the cholesterol issue but it’s gone down. A1c is also dropping.

Asma Abudahabović

Best thing for my type 1. Nothing worked like this for the last 15 years.

Sarah White 

I have had several nurses and doctors, even my endo tell me that Keto is good for diabetics. You are allowed certain carbs on Keto. I have been told that I still need carbs and that Keto fits in with that. It keeps my blood sugars in line and has helped me lose weight also. As with any diet, consult your doctor first.

Lisa Tinsley 

My a1c has decreased a lot since going keto . I’m T1 x

Joshua Michael Skains

It’s kinda a trade off. In reality you are actually worsening your diabetes on Keto while masking the problem with no carbs. So while it appears to be working, in the background you are actually making your insulin resistance worse. There is a lot of push for a raw foods diet, which is about kicking out the meat, etc. and focusing on vegetable carbs. A lot of endos and diabetic specialists I’ve talked to seem to be pushing this. Once your body recalibrates to process vegetable carbs, supposedly you increase insulin sensitivity. There are huge multi-decade studies to support it.

Eric Hoagland 

As an APRN CDE ADM MN NP.C I wont prescribe it it’s dangerous and can mess up your metabolism I know were not to use our medical credentials I’m sorry just want ppl to understand my position is all

Delta Riley 

It is not good for our kidneys.. ketosis is not ideal for someone who can’t break down sugars as it is

Sarah Miller 

Just as no type 1 is the same, no one that is type 1 reacts to the Keto diet entirely the same. For me, I did some damage to myself. I lost a lot of weight but it caused some pretty bad insulin resistance and I didn’t feel my best. And the Keto diet is easy to do incorrectly. I highly recommend, if you’re going to try it, to be fully educated beforehand.

Raquel Escudero Cooley 

I know that going 100% keto is not good for me. I have gerd and gastritis and that makes it difficult for me to tolerate. What I have learned is that limiting my carbs can improve my bs. So when I eat carbs I count carbs and tried to reduce my intake. I personally cannot stand eating eggs/bacon for breakfast everyday. I did weight watchers and ate so much of chicken, turkey, eggs that I actually get sick thinking about them.

Doug Hoy 

Keto has pro’s and con’s. Carbs and sugar do not have to be our enemy. If consumed in moderation with an equal balance of good, consistent exercise, and some tight disease management, you can eat almost anything. I attended a diabetes training camp last week and was consuming 450 carb per day on average. Exercised at least twice a day. And, I have pretty good control and time in range. Educate yourself and learn to what your body will and won’t adapt. What works for one person, may not work for another.

Karen Lorraine Hall

No rollercoaster blood glucose levels, reduced Hba1c, more energy, clearer skin, weight loss…works well for me and my type 1 diabetes.

Anna Möller

May not preferably to all… but that’s my way of stable life as type-1 and surviving with so much less insulin

Tally Rohr 

Only person that can tell you how to do it, and properly do it is your doctor. See the doctor and talk about dieting and they’ll give you proper advice and information.

Cristi Rice 

I asked my Dr and she told me not to do it. But that was me. Ask your Dr for you.

Sandra Fingerut 

Depends. Some don’t do an exact Keto. Other do. Ask your doctor. Mine suggested high fat/low carb. Some call it Keto, some call it psuedo Keto. Ask your doctor what he/she recommends for you and your situation. Some confuse Keto with Paleo, which is as I was given to understand it, more of a caveman ‘s diet

Sandra Fingerut 

Depends. Some don’t do an exact Keto. Other do. Ask your doctor. Mine suggested high fat/low carb. Some call it Keto, some call it psuedo Keto. Ask your doctor what he/she recommends for you and your situation. Some confuse Keto with Paleo, which is as I was given to understand it, more of a caveman ‘s diet

Sheila Chavis 

I read somewhere that a type one and two should not eat more than 50 carbs a day. I have tried and my bg is lower but tend to have a few lows before bed time.

Andrew Klamon 

Dr Bernstein has written a book called the diabetic diet. It is similar to Keto but different in subtle ways. You might find it interesting.

Peter Tan

As mentioned by many here, Dr Richard Bernstein is THE man to go to.
Whether LCHF or Keto, the basic principle is essentially the same, avoid carbohydrates and limit only to above ground green leafy veg. Avoid any food that spike your blood glucose.
The most important thing is to test and test after meal and keep a food dairy of food you ate and eat the safe food.
Carbohydrates has no essential nutrients and is NOT essential for life.
FACT – You will not die from not eating any carbs but you will perish without fats and proteins.

Mark Andrea Collins

I can surely tell you the Seefood diet isn’t. I gained 45 lbs on it. I did like the book said I seen it i ate it.

Chuck Lally 

I went from 11.8 aci down to 7 pretty fast on Keto but been stuck on 7 doing the same thing I’ve been doing but not sure why it Plateaued at 7.

Lisa Thompson 

I’d check with your doctor first especially if your blood sugars aren’t stable

Dedera Britton Midderhoff

Ask your doctor for sure. Mine always tells me about the other like the heart diet.
I really watch my amounts portion size. I still have sweets and carbs but the size has been helping.

Evy Clay Willingham 

No! You need carbs

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