Living with an unpredictable pancreas is a daily struggle


Living with an unpredictable pancreas is a daily struggle. I still produce my own insulin, but it’s not predictable.

I can have days where my glucose is perfect all day. I can have days where I’m taking insulin all day long and still can’t get down to my goal range. I can have days where I make way too much insulin and have to fight hypos all day.

A very common issue I face is my body overcorrecting itself. Today is one of those days.

Two hours after dinner my glucose was 149.

An hour later, it was 75.

I took no insulin.

My body overcorrected itself.

This is the scariest part of my disease. I don’t feel my highs and lows. I won’t feel if my body releases massive amounts of insulin.

When I was fifteen, I had an incident where I passed out from this exact thing happening. I was around 150 two hours after lunch, and an hour later, I passed out from low blood sugar.

There is no way to stop this from happening. There is no medication (that I know of) that can make my body work properly.

It is just something I have to deal with the best I can.

My successful Diabetes Treatment Story

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