How long has everyone had diabetes for and what type

Diabetes001How long has everyone had diabetes for and what type?

I was diagnosed at eleven years old (have had it for ten years now) with type one.

Christie Schwager Type 1, 36 years, May 1983 I was diagnosed

Halina Brooke Type 2, got it at 19, was likely caused by lots of steroid medications and chronic stress.

Julie Derkach 3 years. Incorrectly spent the first year diagnosed as type 2 until good ol DKA came around and turned out type 1.

Tara Sabljak I was diagnosed at 11 too! I’m 37 now

Victoria Vela Diagnosed just before my 11th birthday (Christmas 1990). I just turned 40 in January. Happy & healthy!

Sara Sellers Type one, diagnosed at age 10. Now I’m about to be 21! So 10 years

April Marie Mehrer Type 1 diagnosed at 19 (one month from turning 20). So, it’ll be 12 years next month.

Jerry Doolittle Type 1, diagnosed at 7, 50 yrs and Im 57.

Leighton Hicks Type 1, diagnosed at age 5, coming up to 38 years with diabetes and in 43.

Claudia Rojas Cadena I was recently diagnosed T2, and some post really scare me. To see about amputations, some partially blind. This is so hard to go through. I don’t know how ta manage it..

Mickey Jupiter Type II 1997

Cassey Krish I was diagnosed with t2 2 years ago. Half of the time i am so positive but the other half is just not and gives up.

Terry Pearson Type 2 15 years

Maiitsoh Melanie T1D for 40 years I’m 48 and kicking its a$$ everyday while feeling magnificent

Joy Grant Nearly 3 years, Type 2. Was pre-diabetic for about 5 years. Showed signs of gestational diabetes each time i was pregs. Ive had three kids. My youngest is 10.5. So i knew it was coming. Im 44 yrs old now. My moms side are all diabetic. My brother is three yrs younger n was diagnosed about 5 yrs before me for type 2. He is off all meds n controls it with food.

Katrena Keys Type 1
Diagnosed September 26, 1986 at the age of 3.5.
So my diabetes will turn 33 this year (it also happens to be the same day as two of my dia-friend’s birthdays. Makes it easy to remember 😄)

Ruby LaFountain Type 2 myself my mother and her sisters had type 2, her mom was type 1 and went almost blind. Her eldest sister (eldest of 9 girls) had diabetes lupus. A lot of my first cousins have type 2. Thanks for technology most have stayed in type 2. So one would have to believe genetics have a lot to do with it.

Stephanie Charles T1D for 53 years. Diagnosed Christmas of 1965. 2 days before I turned 2

Pam Christiansen Faddis Type 1, 33 years. Diagnosed July 1986 the same week I got Married

Anum Alam Type 1 and I was diagnosed at the age of 20 (currently, 28)! Doctors could never figure out how it was triggered or why it didn’t show when I was younger

Rosie Jimenez I was diagnosed at 11 years old (have had it for 26 years now) with type one. My dad was a type 1 as well.

Melissa Allan type 1 for 4 months but doctors said I’ve had it for a very long time they just didn’t notice because of my hypothyroidism at least the pain in my legs has gone now so happy but i still hate needles

Amanda Click Wood My daughter was diagnosed 4 years ago at age 9 with Type 1

John Vaughn I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1979 – I am T1D strong for 40 years without any severe complications. Yes, it’s taken a lot of work and a lot of luck, but I don’t want to suffer from Diabetic problems.

John Vaughn Matthew – when I said that I have had no severe diabetic complications, this means that I have good nerves and circulation; no passing out; no seizures; relatively good eyes, good heart, good renal function, etc. I believe that daily exercise and a low-carb diet are key. I test my blood sugar about six times a day and I make sure that I test before I drive, or before I do a sport or intense activity. ALL Diabetes (Type 1 & 2) is hard work to manage it. There is no “mild or severe” forms of diabetes. The ill effects of Diabetes come from mismanagement and time. I have had diabetic friends who have died from its ill effects and complications. There are millions of us who are alive and loving life! We are blessed to have a disease that we can actively manage and decide on the quality of health that we want to have by are own choice and actions. Live Long and Enjoy the miracle!

Mark Schweim Type 1 over 1/2 my life. Diagnosed at 24 years old… 52 years old and only a few weeks short of my diagnosis anniversary date (if it was anything to celebrate or commemorate.)

Laurita Hernando Patin Diagnosed type 1 in 2016 when I was 26. Most likely I was misdiagnosed as type 2 when I was 23

Kristin Gragan I’m Type 1. I was diagnosed at 19 during the first week of my sophomore year of college. It has been 36 years next month. I’ve been pumping for 32 years.

Jenny Floyd Type 1 for 16 years. Diagnosed at 39. My son has been type 1 for 22 years. Diagnosed at age 5.

Diana Thomas My son was diagnosed T1 when he was one. He’s had it for 15 years. My daughter was diagnosed T1 when she was 13. She’s had it for 4 years.

Khalil Ramji Type 1, diagnosed 27 years ago at age 21. Probably had it for a while before then too just waited til my symptoms got worse.

Chris Moore Diagnosed with Type2 Diabetes 5/15/17. A1c was 8.6. Now 80 lbs lighter and healthy eating habits have “reversed” my diabetes according to my doc. Also lots of walking 3-10 miles a day. Now Im even running a few 5k’s in about 30 minutes!

Karen Gurney T2 – diagnosed 14 yrs ago. Have lost almost 60 lbs. Generally in control. BTW, my cousin is T1, diagnosed at 14. He’s now 71 and doing well.

Lori Hale T2D diagnosed 2014..ignored it up to 2016..took metphormin and gained fat til 2018…Got off meds and lost fat and A1c 5.4 since 2 weeks ago..Im never going back to denial😖LCHF is how Im managing it

Angelique Arenas Three years ago they weren’t sure if i was type 1 or 2 bc i was super overweight and so i began taking metformin, not consistently really. I got into a really bad car accident and when i got to the hospital my sugar was 900 something. I was in a coma so i didn’t talk directly to a doctor but they’re thinking I’m type 1 bc it runs on both mom and dads side. I’m now taking insulin

Jessica Bittlewilliams Wow good to know there are ppl with some good advice and have been dealing with this for longer than me

Brenda Neth Brenda here. Type 3, known as MODY or mature onset of diabetes in the very young. 43 years. Metformin, strict diet, exercise. No complications but struggling. Feel symptoms at 165, A1C 6.3. Super sensitive. Anyone else?

Krystal Tillman 35 yrs old and I have type 2 since 2015 but had Gestational diabetes and pre-diabetes before that. So I’ve been stabbing my fingers for 15 years. I am still trying to not let diabetes get the best of me


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