this morning my fasting reading was 154

69347837_2193028554156500_1062316304754540544_nIm convinced my One Touch Ultra 2 is crap. Bad thing is I’ve only been using it for about 3 weeks. Readings are very inconsistent. For example, this morning my fasting reading was 154. Not even two minutes later I double check and its 179. This happens quite often. Somebody please tell me the name of a good, reliable tester I can buy. If it’s expensive I don’t care. As long as it is consistent and repeatable.

Erin Patten Contact the manufacturer. They are very helpful in trouble shooting the issues. They may even replace strips or your meter to try again

Stephanie Duran All meters have a +/- 20% accuracy margin and blood sugar levels are constantly changing as blood circulates.

Steven Ito I just got the OneTouch Verio Flex which is Bluetooth. There is a coupon for a free one if you have a prescription. Don’t run it through your insurance and the coupon will cover the cost.

Reg Natarajan I’ve also had great luck with One Touch Verio meters. Just be aware that the strips aren’t widely available if you travel a lot.

Emily Anderson This is interstitial fluid were testing here, not circulating blood. I dont know how much circulating interstitial fluid is doing. But the blood from finger sticks is not in the circulatory system veins n stuff.

Sheri Routt Barnes Emily Anderson finger sticks are testing circulating blood from your capillaries. You are thinking about CGMs that have a Subcutaneous sensor that reads glucose in interstitial fluid. Very different methods to get the same information.

154 and 179 are reasonably close enough. Rarely will you get the same number twice. For best results, wash hands before testing. Any hint of sugar on your hands will skew your readings.

Mike LaVigne The low the number the more precise it gets, the higher the number the bigger the error

Henry Eddie Bryan I like Accu-Chek products best and have used them for years. I have done my own comparisons between them and other products for like 30 day periods, test for test. I find my Accu-Chek meter agrees very closely with the test my Endo office uses.

Kawashima Marie Actually I just to have it but switch to Fresstlye devices I have the fresstlye libre 14 day it’s a duo when I can’t afford the bloodless glucose sensor it takes the test strip and their alot cheaper

Michele Ferguson One touch ultra is terrible for me. Tested on 1 meters and that one is always higher. Now have the verio and it’s pretty stable I like it it’s very convenient too.

Kelsey Ramos I found the One Touch meters to be very inconsistent. Accu-Chek and Contour have been much better. Even the cheap ReliOn products at Walmart were more reliable for me than the One Touch meters were.

Michelle Williams I love the reli on voice premier,it talks to tell you your number ,so when I am really low and can barely see it helps me to hear the voice to..
I’ve tried almost all of them but personally I love this one…

Sterling Wilkinson You can buy check solution to check your meter. I check my meter at least once a week, and whenever I start a new batch of strips.

Paul J Berberich Sr. When you get up in the morning your body produces adrenaline which causes the release of sugar in the blood stream. This can cause an almost instant rise in BS levels. Mine can jump 30 points in as many minutes after I get out of bed. I add units and take my AM Humalog well before breakfast.

Jaime Lynn I use one drop subscription. I love my one drop. I check with a finger stick when my endo does a blood draw and it is usually accurate within a point or two of their readings.

Jaime Lynn Emily Anderson I have just stuck with it. It’s cheaper than others and I feel its comparable quality. If you have issues their coaches and customer support are always there too.

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