My mother told me to start checking my blood sugar

69991663_2135190603447887_8823581774975074304_nwhen I got to work this morning I checked before I ate anything & this is what it read. I’m just very confused.

Hi all, I’m new here. If it’s okay, I have several questions and if they seem silly, I apologize 😫 I’m 24, I have an (almost) 4 year old little girl, I’m very active and I try to eat right & stay in shape. Well, I’ve noticed, over the past few months or so I am feeling worse & worse. When I have one of these little episodes I feel drunk & hungover at the same time. It’s terrible. My mother told me to start checking my blood sugar. Okay, so I started doing that but I am so absolutely confused at the readings. It seems as though when I feel crappy, when I eat, my sugar drops and I FEEL WORSE! I am so confused and so tired of feeling like crap all the time. I have an appt with my PCP so I will hopefully get some answers but I wanted to ask if y’all wouldn’t mind sharing your diagnosis stories?

Ann Williams That’s what’s happening to me when I went and seen my dietitian Airy she said sometimes not eating enough carbs before you go to bed that’s what you sugar drops and then it goes High it might be different for everybody

Jj Zacher This happened to me for years until a new Dr told me my bs was low and cortisol is released in the early a.m. Both cause night sweats. This issue resolved several years ago thank God.

Joanna Miles About 7 months before I was diagnosed. I was at a health fair and got my sugar tested. I think it was 156 or around that fasting. They seemed surprised and asked if it was fasting – I was…. went away and thought nothing of it. About a month later, I ran 9 miles and got really dizzy for 3 days do went to the doctor. He said a blood test showed my sugar a little raised and to eat low carb. (I’m 5ft 10 and slim). About 2-3 months later my weight started falling of very fast so zi went to the doctor who sent me to an intestine doctor- he said I was eating GB to healthy and ti “eat like a pig” (best pre diagnosis eating although it nearly killed me)…
I felt absolutely awful, exhausted. I was peeing for minutes and had horrible cramps in my feet and legs at night. I also had a short fuse. Then I got a urine infection which is how my doctor caught it. He called to tell me I was diabetic (sugar in urine) and to test 3 times a day for 3 weeks and that if I had two high sugars to come in…
First test, 430 after dinner, second test in morning before eating, 244…..took the day off went to the doctor and he sent me off with Metformin and told me that if I still felt bad to go to the emergency room and ask n.v them to test for ketones… I wrntbhkme, tidied up, packed a bag with pyjamas and went to ER (in DKA)…..they kept me in for 5 days and sent me home with a type one diagnosis and insulin- pens…breathe! That was Jan 2015

Jon Davis Would love to have that bs level , this is me all day with insulin. But I have no pancreas. But I do know body stores sugar and gets released in the early morning. That’s one of things that help you wake in morning. I keeps the sweats. Wake feeling like someone poured water all over my body

Tauna Kobler Mine is high in the mornings as well. Try eating and then check it 2 hours later to see what it is.

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