I need some advice with Type 1 Diabetes and Cholesterol

69436129_2203635243095831_7456267365651578880_nI need some advice with Type 1 Diabetes and Cholesterol. I’ve been T1D for 20 years, and I’ve never had issues with Cholesterol…until the blood work came back. Endocrinologist says it’s not really high, but we should work on it. So on top of eating low carb I have to work on lowering the cholesterol.

As many of you know Diabetes is a Rollercoaster!!! So out of curiosity is anyone willing to share advice/recipes/tips on managing Diabetes and Cholesterol?

Seo Lia When u replace your carbohydrate with fats…choose healthy fatty foods like boiled eggs..unroasted nuts…avocados… fatty fish…or drizzle your salad with olive oil w/balsamic vinegar instead of using mayonaise

Suzanne Clark Chris Kresser has a lot of good info on cholesterol. Cholesterol is a a good thing when you have inflammation in your body. You don’t want to get rid of the cholesterol. You want to get rid of the inflammation.
It’s like saying “gee-every time there’s a fire, the fire department shows up, so maybe if we get rid of the fire department, there won’t be any more fires.”
One of the biggest culprits of inflammation is refined sugars. Industrial oils also (canola, soybean, corn).
I use olive, avocado, ghee, coconut oil.
Perhaps find out if there are particular foods that you are sensitive to. You can do this by a food sensitivity panel, or an elimination diet.
I’m glad that your doctor didn’t immediately use the S word (statin).
How was your HDL and triglycerides??

Ashley Ballard Suzanne Clark HDL and triglycerides are both in the normal range. I’ve been trying to debunk many things. It’s hard. I’ve also been trying to use more avocado oil, ghee and coconut-just hard when the budget is tight with a toddler haha. Thanks!

Suzanne Clark I hear ya on the real food expense!
I don’t even have a kid!
I’ve heard that the triglycerides is the marker to be especially concerned about. HDL is good to have high.

I get my avocado oil at aldi or Walmart and sometimes Marshall’s, I try to shop around and compare.

Ashley Ballard Suzanne Clark I live in Vermont, and I’m not even sure what an Aldi is. Walmart and Marshall’s we do have. Although 75% of the time the Walmart near us is always out of stuff 🤦🏻‍♀️ I have considered just purchasing online. Yeah I have a toddler (he’s expensive but I love him-no regrets!) plus I have step kids that live with us half of the time.

Suzanne Clark Kids are AWESOME. You shouldn’t have regrets. I wish I had some.
(Just tell your toddler to go get a job 😜)

Aldi is a no frills chain discount store. When I lived in MA there were a few around. They seem to be more abundant in the Midwest.
Sometimes Thrive Market can be worth the price of membership-but I got my membership free because I also have a more debilitating disability than my diabetes.
Their avocado oil isn’t any cheaper than local however (though sometimes they have sales)

Amber Davis If your ratio is healthy, I wouldn’t be overly concerned. My total was 210, but my HDL was 90, so the ratio was 2.4. But again, healthy fat sources and reducing egg yolks a little helped (although my HDL lowered as well).

Exercise will also help increase HDL.

Suzanne Clark There are websites where you can plug in your numbers to determine if you have a healthy ratio.

Tim Lewis I’ve been a T1 since 1989. In 2016, bloodwork showed I had high cholesterol. They put me on Atorvastatin, just one pill per day, and within months my cholesterol was fine. They told me to go ahead and stop taking it, but with a current bypass heart surgery, they have me back on it with tons of other meds for blood pressure.

Ashley Ballard Tim Lewis oh wow. Sorry to hear about your bypass. I want to gain control for as long as possible without added medications.

Donna Mayo Pierpoline I watch my saturated fat, eat mostly chicken and fish, upped my veggie intake, eat oatmeal often for breakfast. It helped me avoid meds for a long time, but being diabetic with high BP for over 30 years has taken a toll. I control it now by continuing the above and taking Lipitor. It’s well controlled now.

Ashley Ballard Donna Mayo Pierpoline I eat lots of chicken, fish and veggies as well. I love oatmeal but it spikes me so high and it’s hard. I feel like at times us Diabetics have a huge catch 22. Don’t eat a ton of carbs. But then they say eat oats and quinoa, and legumes and so on. It’s frustrating!

Donna Mayo Pierpoline Ashley Ballard I agree. “Catch 22” describes it perfectly!
Oatmeal does bring my sugar up too. I’ve been adding Metamucil a couple times a week to see if it helps. Worth a try.

Suzanne Clark Not all carbs are created equal. The processed refined sugar ones cause inflammation. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, fruit, etc…. can be really beneficial.

Susan Lawson-Dawson I switched to eggbeaters in place of real eggs and we got an air fryer. Just those two changes dropped my cholesterol by 20 points. (I have a spinach, tomatoes, cheese and Canadian bacon or buffalo chicken omelette almost every day, so I was eating eggs a lot.)

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