Do I need insulin if the meal I eat has no carbs or sugar

69500110_2196545033804852_148959421559472128_nDo I need insulin if the meal I eat has no carbs or sugar? I had my fast acting insulin then ate but it made my sugar levels 3mmol and I felt shaky and like my legs were wobbly. So hard to get the hang of this damn diabetes

Katrena Keys If I’m eating something that has no carbs in it, I don’t give insulin.
I will also hold off on insulin if I know it’s something that will digest to slowly

Katrena Keys Cate Whitey That’s what I do. Or I’ll set an extended bolus over the course of a few hours.
But yeah, generally, if I’m below 140/150, I won’t give insulin until I start to go up. Because I don’t always go up. In fact, I rarely do when I eat a low or no carb meal.
The same thing when I’m low. If I’m low and eating a meal, I won’t give insulin until I start to come up. Just not worth the chance of the insulin working faster than the carbs

Katrena Keys Cate Whitey Basically
Play with it (safely) but see what works for you. Track what carbs make your blood sugar spike immediately and which ones are slower.
Play with insulin times and eating times.
You’ll start to see what works for your body and what makes your BG more stable

Tamura Scisney Yes u need to take it your sugar levels will drop really low could pass out

Rick Teale You will only need a smaller bolus when there are few carbs in a meal. You have to learn what works for you and how it works.

Sandi Crawford For T1 I always have to do a shot for protein

I’ve been eating very low-carb for years and just can’t keep my blood sugar down so the doctor told me to eat carbs along with a shot for the protein

Terri Ittes Cate Whitey I have been T1 for over 30 years now and I’ve never taken insulin for protein. I’ve been as low as 18 before which was not good, but I was low a lot during that time 14 years ago when I was pregnant so I got use to being low, so thankfully I was able to catch it before a seizure

Katlyn Stidd Sandi Crawford you know what I don’t understand! Why is it without the carbs my sugar is still high but I need carbs if I take insulin. Shouldn’t I just be able to not take insulin and not eat carbs!!!

I’m not sure if I wrote it correctly lol it’s just something that confuses me so much ! Carbs are bad but eat carbs with insulin like wait why not skip both just so dumb hate my body

No I’m a type two but I am going to my very first endo appt next month! After many years of fighting this so I want to have the test done to see if I’m one or two I’ve never even heard of it till this group I am insulin dependent nothing else has ever worked

Sandi Crawford Katlyn Stidd If you read any of the comments from the Keto group they still have to do insulin. I wish it worked if you don’t eat carbs you don’t need insulin but the liver doesn’t work like that. It’s not just the pancreas that works or doesn’t work.

Katlyn Stidd I was diagnosed with gestational 7 years ago immediately put on insulin levels were test. After baby no follow up I was young and poor I ignored for s couple years and then I got super super thin and sick and found out I was still diabetic.. no test…was going to clinics begging for meds but no insurance so no testing .. finnaly got insurance and went to dr and she gave me Insulin but no test and when I tell her my issues she says I’m ok smh but hopefully the endo helps more

i have it pretty well controlled now I have lantus and humalog and I check often sometimes I go two weeks perfect and other times I spend an entire week over 200 and can’t get it down no matter how much insulin I just really want that test done so bad so I can move forward …. my feet suffer the most and my vision has gotten awful but otherwise I do ok

Had an A1C of 6.5 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 thank god for lantus it was my first one ever that low even with 2,000 MG of nasty nasty metformin

Sandi Crawford Katlyn Stidd I hope the endo sends you to an eye dr right away. If you catch eye problems early then you won’t need surgery or lose your eyesight, hopefully.

Katlyn Stidd i got the eye test done recently! And thankfully I was good no bleeding just extra dry she said I couldn’t even try contact and gave me a script for eyes drops… I can’t even go to the eye dr without getting a script.  Played sports my whole life grew up with a diabetic dad so ate super low sugar my whole life was very active during my pregnancy and I’ve never been super big but yet I’m a type two in my twenties just not fair

Cheryl Beers Cate Whitey ~ do you see an endocrinologist? If not, I would ask to see one. They will determine the amount of insulin to take and explain different scenarios. This group is great but these questions are for your doctor.

Cate Whitey Cheryl Beers I’m still waiting for a referral. I went to hospital for it but after getting discharged a couple of weeks back I’ve seen no one. And the hospital just told me how to use insulin not change the dose or carb count or anything

Cheryl Beers Cate Whitey, I’m sorry to hear this. This disease is a terrible disease and they stress to us to take care of ourselves yet they don’t meet you right away.

These sites are great, like Diabetic Recipes, but everyone reacts differently to insulins/meds and food. Some foods affect each of us differently, some foods raise/spike our blood sugers while others don’t. If you don’t mind me asking, is your referral for an endocrinologist? Be sure they set you up with a dietician that will explain how to count carbs, etc.
For example: look at your serving size, say 3/4 cup of cereal may have 14 carbs, fiber 4…subtract the fiber from the carbs = 10 carbs, then do your milk: 1 cup 2% is 11 carbs
So you have a total of 21 carbs
My dietician has set my meals between 45-60 carbs and snacks 15-30 carbs
I usually don’t eat that many carbs. Again, they will tell you what you’re allowed plus your endocrinologist, if he/she puts you on insulin, they will tell you how much plus a sliding scale. I would push to see them ASAP. I hope this helps.

until you see a dietician, bookstores will have books that shows total carbs on alot of foods, even restaurants just as an estimate. They’re thick small books. You can also contact the American Diabetes Association for information. I volunteered for them for awhile.

Cate Whitey Cheryl Beers I’m not to sure what the referral is for but I assumed so. They havnt told me how to carb count or what I should be eating. Basically said have 2 units before each meal and then 8 units of the long lasting at night. This group has helped a lot. Google has different answers which can confuse me. I’m in New Zealand but I’ll check our book shops here and see what they have. Thanks for your help

Paul J Berberich Sr. Good question. If your long acting dose is ok then you probably can do without insulin for a no carb meal. Try it. On bit of advice. Look carefully at what you’re eating. You might get tripped up by something like salad dressing. Good luck.

Brian Robbins I don’t know if you need insulin for a meal with no carbs, but *I* need insulin for a meal with no carbs. I take the amount of protein I’m eating and multiply it by .75 and use that number as the number of carbs when calculating my insulin dose.

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