I need to vent and I don’t have anyone to vent to that would understand how miserable this disease is to begin with and then insurance companies go an change you product at a moments notice

69505782_921252808261527_4236185372859564032_nOk…I need to vent and I don’t have anyone to vent to that would understand how miserable this disease is to begin with and then insurance companies go an change you product at a moments notice. I have an accu-check guide machine. Company discontinued the multi-click lancet and device. So I call insurance to see what the cover so I can tell endo. After 45 minutes of being tossed around from one person to another they finally connected me to a pharmacist. Long story a little shorter. They cover my lancets but not the device. I had to call Roeche Diagnostics to get the device which they are sending for free, thank goodness. Just so many hoops to jump through! Like we don’t have enough to deal with. Geez! Thanks for listening

Sherry Cochrane My insurance company actually changed my medication from Tradjenta to Januvia didn’t inform me called and did it through my pharmacy and then notified my doctor two days later. How is this legal do you ask? They decided to remove Tradjenta from their list and replace it with Januvia. After pier reviews with other doctors of course.

Lisa Adele Pfeffer I know it’s weird, but I found out that the devices (not the supplies) can fall under Durable Medical Equipment. Yes, you need a prescription, but how/how much you are covered/pay for can be different than the co-lay for supplies. So confusing, isn’t it?

Jill Galka Dipple So sorry but that’s diabetes, a bunch of hoops to jump through every day of the week!! 

Kate Swanberg I love my Multi-clix, Lost it a few years ago after they introduced the Fastclix. Went to the health supply store and they had one left, but couldn’t sell it to me as it was no longer in their system. So they gave it to me. I’ve found the lancet drums online, but there aren’t too many left. I’ll probably have to switch when my drums run out. What my insurance wants to give me are just so rough on my fingers.

Tiffanie Moyer Well it would be more annoying if they covered the device and not the lancets?!?!? You could just prick your finger with the lancet and skip the device all together 😁. If this is the smallest battle you will be lucky

Jan Caruso Berlin Tiffanie Moyer yeah but the problem is the lancets come in a barrel of 6 and you can’t prick yourself without the device

Karen Lynn Thurman I just got the same meter, and the lancets carteridge came as if they’d all been used! i’m going try and call the company today!

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