My night blood sugars are hard to control 300-380 my normal sliding sale is not bringing them down within 3 hours

70445703_10156600223026404_3561269599171248128_nSo here’s my dilemma . I’m completely stressed out of my mind .

1. I have dexcom
2. Taking novolog 3 times a day
3. Taking tresiba once a
My night blood sugars are hard to control 300-380 my normal sliding sale is not bringing them down within 3 hours . If I dose again they fall below 75. I’ve been diabetic for over 34 years , wondering if I’m developing a resistance to my injection sites . What are some suggested injection sites? Or should I consider the insulin pump ?
Thank you kindly for any suggestions .

Marsha Cordle You definitely should look at an insulin pump. You can adjust how much your getting over night until you get it to a better number. I take 1.25/hour starting at 2am until 5am then down to .825 at 5am to 9am then I take even less. I use my stomach, upper thigh, lower back for sites. Hope that helps!

Tiffanie Moyer Yeah maybe it’s time to try a pump. Doesn’t hurt. You have 30 days to try any one of them and you can always send it back if you don’t like it . Sites, belly was always the best but shoulders (which sounds god awful) hip, upper buttocks, legs arms and every possible inch of extra skin/ fat you can pinch up lol. Good luck!

Shannon Hovden Tiffanie Moyer silly question. I’m on a pump (Medtronic) how do you use your shoulder with the cord attached. Does it pull off. I ha e tried my thighs and seriously I have problems the minute I take my pants down. 

Tiffanie Moyer Shannon Hovden I was actually talking about the insulin injections sites . If I remember correctly that is one of the questions asked in the original post….However yes I have put the pump in my shoulder, one of the pump trainers suggested it. It wasn’t the most comfortable but because I wear the pump on my bra it did reach . So it made sense “while dressed” then at bed I was like WTF!!! I typically wear my pump on my waist back! Well the cord just reached my wait band and so I wasn’t happy at all !!!! Lol three days I was ok but three nights I hated myself for putting it there!!! I’m a belly sleeper so I hated wearing a bra to bed and having that there while laying flat.

I’m so worried about my thought because of pulling my pants down as well. I just started putting up really high on the sides of my stomach almost under my breast and between my breast right where my pump lies where it’s hanging on my bra. (I have a small chest) it’s just enough to hide the fact that I have a pump between there lol.

Shannon Hovden Tiffanie Moyer I had the same problem without a bra on! I am a belly wearer and it’s so so scarred I need new places. I tried my legs and that was my issue. I’m gonna try my back

Wendy Anderson Dittman Try splitting the Tresiba dose. Also, are you doing some form of mild to moderate exercise?

Sharon Gerber T1 can also be insulin resistant. I would recommend working on decreasing your insulon resistance. I have reduced my considerably by giving up gluten. (I am T2).

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