The office manager at my endocrinologist told me that I’m not allowed to change any of my setting the doctor enters in my pump

69635495_2205409129585109_2348873831285784576_nThe office manager at my endocrinologist told me that I’m not allowed to change any of my setting the doctor enters in my pump. I can’t change my basal or carb settings. Also that because I have a Tslim and Dexcom I don’t need a diabetic alert dog. I told her that technology fails and that Cooper alerts approximately 20-30 minutes before my Dexcom. He also alerts to my highs as well as lows. Also Dexcom is sometimes totally off from my finger stick and Cooper isn’t. And as far as my pump goes it’s mine and I can adjust it. She also said that I’m not on the same page as my doctor so maybe I should try someone else.

Melissa Noderer I’d have a heart to heart talk with the MD. The office manager is out of line.
If you get the same message from your MD, then part ways.

Melissa Noderer Jen Kintner oh man. That’s tough. Doesnt the MD have an associate for referral?
I can’t imagine leaving patients hanging for five months.

Sherry Walker Covington The first Endo that I seen her nurse threatened me and called me a liar. Yep never went back.

Brenda L R Moosa The office manager needs to shut her mouth up and manage the office. If the doctor doesn’t like it then the doctor can tell you that.

Misty Walker One the office manager is not a medical professional. Two the dr works for you and not the other way around.

Katrena Keys I would file a complaint against the office manager if you can.
Then I would see what the doctor’s thoughts are. All of my endos wanted and encouraged people to play with their pumps to find what worked for them.
It’s for diabetes, they should want you to do what’s best for you.
If your doctor doesn’t feel the same way, time to find a new office

Joshua Michael Skains But to be fair, the office manager is right. You should try someone else. A doctor has to be compatible with you and if this doctor’s style is wrong for you, parting ways and finding a better doctor is likely a good idea. I personally would be more than happy to part ways with that doctor. So it’s technically good advice

Amber Jones Yep the office manager is right in saying you should try someone else. This is YOUR body and YOUR health. That’s terrible service you’ve received and their perspective is way off. You are a paying customer and have the choice to go where you are treated appropriately.

Cynthia Osborn Matullo Wow. Horrifying. Tell her to kiss your diabetic ass and move on to someone new. Doctors typically give us the tools to manage this and then we have to tweak them in between visits. We have to manage and live with this crap. We need support not suppression.

Jann Adams I would first tell the doctor what the office said and how you felt about that treatment. If the doctor agrees, get up, walk out, and get a new doctor!!! You are the one who lives 24/7/365 with your diabetes. Your knowledge is a valuable part of your treatment. If your doctor doesn’t recognize that, fire them.

Michele Young She’s an OFFICE MANAGER not a doctor! The office is her job not the patients. If I were you I’d find another doctor. He needs to put her in line.

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood My husband informed my obgyn we did not work for him, he worked for us. And as a paid service provider he could provide to our satisfaction or see his way out. Needles to say, we parted ways. We were not satisfied with him. Lol, I later discovered he had instructed his office staff to refuse me any further appointments. Only found out because I wanted my medical records. It was written in them.

Often times, I find people mistake doctors for God himself. Even the staff attached to the doctors appear to believe themselves superior to us And we apparently are simply drones.

Jen Kintner Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood yes they do. The manager also implied that I should be great full she was my doctor because she is in the top 10 in the country. 

Mary Elizabeth An office manager is NOT qualified to give you any medical advice. I’d have a heart to heart with the endo and file a formal complaint if it continues.
P.S. I change my settings all the time.

Charles Coggins We have low life Pharmaceutical lobbyist that pay off congress in one way or the other to keep control over there vote, it’s sad but I believe it to be true. Pharmaceutical companies make billions on supplies every year, do you really believe they would give that up? Not likely is it. It’s all about the money folks. If our government would make all diabetic supplies free it would put the shoe on the other foot for Pharmaceuticals and I truly believe there would be a cure and not only for Diabetes within a year.

Melissa Young Mary Elizabeth lol I gave it a fair try with calling and doing the adjustments over the phone, but when I called a few weeks ago for frequent lows a nurse asked if I went to urgent care or Er? Umm no I need u to adjust my pump. Since that call I do it all myself and will tell dr when I see him again.

Jen Kintner Charles Coggins if they cured diabetes they would also find a cure for other auto immune diseases. That would put many pharmaceutical companies and doctors out of business. And we can’t have that…..

Charles Coggins Jen Kintner Your kidding right, I hope? Who gives a rats ass about pharmaceutical companies and doctors being out of work thousands of people die every year from horrible diabetic related problems. I have been a diabetic for 53 years and believe me when I say, You can’t tell me that they can’t find a cure after billions of dollars in research sense 1921, no it’s more than that why do you think we in USA pay more for pharmaceuticals than anywhere in the world, let that sink in…

Cynthia Taber Wow!!! An office manager is just that…PERIOD…and is rarely even a medically trained component of your medical team! Not good! Talk to the doc…but I’d be looking for another provider because the office manager is the face.of the practice…Bye Felicia!!!

Jill Galka Dipple I don’t like the front office girls at my doctors! They are not friendly and they act like they are doing me a favor by even talking to me! 🙄
They have no right to tell you what you can & cannot do! Even if it’s the office manager! Sorry for your bad experience!

Lynn Fry Your disease, your body. Your choice to make for doctors. If it was me, I’d change docs. You deserve to have a doctor who is an advocate for you.

Brianna Rose It is illegal for anyone but a licensed health care provider to give medical advice. I would raise a query with the MD of that office about your experience!

Susan Allen Pope When anyone hurts my feelings or makes me mad I cry talking about it and forget things I want to say. What I do is write my doctor a letter before my next appt. I try to tell him how I was treated and how I felt and still feel. I then put in envelope BUT with NO RETURN ADDRESS. MARKED PERSONAL WRITTEN IN FRONT AND BACK. You just address to him as usual and NO one in the office should open it. When I write down how I felt it makes me feel better without tears. Hope you find a way to tell him how you feel because without if you do not tell him he will never know and cannot fix it. Good Luck!!

Tiffanie Moyer Well I hope you at least have enough sense to check with your dr before you change your settings. No?? They are doctors for a reason. They are supposed to be experts in the field of this specific disease. I would try to not let the front desk ding dong make you mad. Lol. She is just doing her job. Which is to piss everyone off that comes through the door Hahahah. That’s every office every time. I would definitely change your office. Sorry that’s happening.
Just be careful changing your settings it can be touchy as I’m sure you know 😁😬
Good luck! Dogs rule 

Tiffanie Moyer I’m not arguing that the manager is an asshole. Plain and simple. I did say dr’s are “supposed “ to be experts. I agree with you it falls on everyone. Find a new office and a new dr to get it all worked out.

Tracy Holzman I changed endocrinologists before. If they won’t work with what I need and want, then I need to move on. Once an internist was mean to me, told me I would “die soon of heart failure” and he would see me in the ER, because I would not take Statons for a slightly elevated level. He also thought all Diabetics need antidepressants. there are still old fashion fools out there. MOVE ON.

Rosie Castro Ocasio Apparently she’s not a diabetic to know what happens, and each day presents it’s challenges and triumphs. The office Manager is not the doctor. She has no right to tell anyone how to take care of themselves.

Karen Gurney An office manager has NO business telling you what you can and cannot do. Definitely tell the doctor. If she’s done this to you, she’s done it to others. And FIRE that doctor!

Andrew Klamon Sounds like it’s time to interview new doctors. They should be working for you. A business manager is not a dr and the one you mentioned sounds like they need some hospitality training. I interviewed doctors like I interview all the folks that work for me.

Deborah Clark That’s total BS! Your pump, your diabetes, struggling with Endo too and recently made a change. Hoping for the better. Best of luck to you and Cooper! 

Leanne Wilkie Does the office manager have a medical degree. Maybe you should let the endo know that this person is handing out medical advice and he/ she meeds to pull their head in.

Sheree Colquhoun The office manager??!! Your health is none of their business. I would be complaining to your doctor regarding that behaviour, totally out of line.

Eileen Petersen Do you have a portal where you can leave a message for your Dr? I would leave her/him a message detailing the office managers overstepping. The Office Manager is not an Endo.

Mary Elizabeth Adams Def try someone else. That is completely illogical. Your settings can and should change as you and your body/routine change. Go find someone else who supports you changing/adjusting as needed.

Suzanne Clark Last time I checked, it was a free country 😬😬
If the doctor agrees with this, you might want to be looking for someone who will work WITH you, or it will turn into a negative stressful situation.

Ashley-and Al Bagwell What? My reply would be, “I have been Type 1 for 36 years, and a desk clerk is not my doctor and does not have any say in what I can or cannot do with MY pump. And if the doctor didn’t have the b@lls to say this to me in my appointment, then you are correct, I will find a doctor who is willing to work with me, and not against me.”

Kelsey Ramos I’d discuss it with your doctor at your next appointment. If that’s their policy/opinion (and your doc was too chicken to talk to you during your appointment), I’d run like hell to someone else.

Linda Cox Johnson I saw a new doctor for the first time, endocrinologist, and she was wonderful, kind, and listened to me. When I went back for the second visit she screamed and hollered at me and beat on the table because she said my A-1 C was to high.As she was hollering at me, she told me I would keep my appointments, I would get my A1 C down, and I would not miss any of my meds. And you know what? I didn’t go back.

Sonja Hanks Tell the doctor before you writes him off. I have a wonderful endo who hired a NP who was a total idiot. She contradicted everything he said and had been telling me for years. My endo would listen, answer my questions, explain why things were happening the way they were and how to counter balance them. I told the scheduler to NEVER set me up again with the NP. She came in the next time and whined about how WE were a team and I WOULD be seeing her. I told the endo everything and guess what, the NO is gone and I’m still a patient. Doctors don’t always know what is happening with their staff.

Rhonda Poiencot Postlethwait As patients, we need to remember that this is an employer – employee relationship and we are the employer. If you fire this doctor, be sure to tell them you are firing them because of the way you were treated by the office manager. The doctor needs to know what is going on and also needs to understand that patients will not tolerate being treated poorly. You will be doing yourself and the next patient a favor.

Marilyn Kruger Where did this office manager get her medical degree? If you l I’m ke your dr talk to him about your pump and your need for the your dog. She needs to manage the office not the the patient care

Kala Schroeder I would be talking to your doctor and asking him about the settings on your pump. Also, she obviously doesn’t know anything about your dog and she has no right to say if you need him or not. I would definitely write a complaint up about that one. People who don’t know anything think they know everything.

Aleshia Brobst Maybe you should try a new doctor just for the fact that you know yourself better than anyone else! I’ve adjusted my settings before and yes I notify my doc of these changes and she is always ok with it. Your endo doesn’t seem to be very supportive or understanding of what you go through and why you would feel the need to change things

Brian Sixbey One – it should be the role of the Endo or Diabetes Educator to make such statements. Two, if Endo is in agreement, it’s time to shop for a new Endo. I don’t often make changes to basal/bolus settings, but I have solid reasons to do so. And, why in the *$$%&# would they take the alarms off? I really don’t like mine, but they are a potentially lifesaving feature. Personally, I’d either have a talk with Endo and decide to change, or just change.

Patricia Frantz Yes, someone else. You should be able to try new things and learn your disease, how to control it. Keep the dog

Richard Vega Talk to the pump sales rep they talk with the dr and see if you should get more or less insuin

I am on my 3rd pump with in 20 years of being diabetic.
This time is the1st time the rep would help and talk to the dr and decide what to do.
If the rep dose not help i would asked for the reps manager or for a different rep.
My reps superviser even helped me when the rep was busy

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