What is your opinion / experience with CBD oil or Cannabis?

69429260_10156643793524053_695786557377871872_nWhat is your opinion / experience with CBD oil or Cannabis? Is it helpful at all for Type 1 Diabetes?

Shane Calkins I use a CBD/THC combo vape pen. I use it at night to help with neuropathy in my toes. I also use it if my BG is high and I’m jittery/feeling bad. Works real well for that. The topical CBD oil also works well for temporary (about an hr) relief of neuropathy. Wasn’t a cannabis user before, tried it to help with my symptoms. I’m a believer now.

Ed Chesiak Shane Calkins , is it legal? I live in Florida and I’m interested in this product just because I’m in pain all day everyday. Can I take this product without risking my employment? I guess what I’m asking is will make me come up positive on a drug test?

Shane Calkins Ed Chesiak, it is legal in my state for medical use. My employer can fire me if I test positive. However, they do not test for drugs unless someone is hurt at work and suspected of being under the influence. I think the fact that it’s not federally legal for medical use gives the employer room to fire employees who test positive.

Ed Chesiak Shane Calkins , yeah they generally only do that here too…but I don’t want to risk my livelihood over it

Shane Calkins Ed Chesiak, for sure. You could use CBD only. My wife uses straight CBD to treat residual pain from a bad leg break. She swears by it. Get good, high grade stuff like “Charlette’s Web” with out the THC and you should be good on a drug screen.

yes. Just be careful to get good stuff from a reputable store/website Some less scrupulous companies have been known to add other types of oils, including THC oil.

Ed Chesiak Shane Calkins , since I’ve never used it before how do I tell if it’s a good product or even a good store? Any tips would be awesome and thank u

Dawne Adams I use CBD ointment when my sciatica is flaring and also for arthritis in my wrist. I live in Colorado so it’s great having really knowledgeable places here. I haven’t tried smoking to lower my BG but going to try it!

David Weinstein It’s like a placebo. If you believe it works. In reality it has no effect on blood sugar. Helps with stuff like sciatica but you would be better off using product with the for pain issues

Shaun Brown CBD oil can be extremely helpful with headaches caused by blood sugar spikes in my experience. Dosing is important to understand too. Recommended dosing is typically too low. Also, lots of brands sell snake oil essentially. Buy from a ethical trusted and tested brand and do your research. That said, the combination of CBD + THC is far more therapeutic. Additionally the fact that you’re consuming oil (ie. fats) should be considered as well, and you should always document how your body reacts to consuming cannabis. Edibles work extremely well for sleep aid, but knowing your dose is vital. Too much will render a T1 inept at taking proper care of themselves if they go hypo in their sleep. No bueno! Start extremely small and incrementally move up. Do not just dose what someone “recommends” you to take. Be smart. Also, smoking is terrible for anyone and especially for someone that is type 1 so avoid at all costs imho. Vaping is 1 step up from that and technically healthier, but you are still introducing heated material into your lungs. Edibles are the healthiest option, however the affect takes far longer which is its real downfall so timing is important. Lastly, edibles convert to THC-A and get through the blood brain barrier in a different way than THC alone via smoking/vaping which is why you will notice a “whole body sensation” vs just in your “head”, but this can be dangerous for proper control if overdone so use with caution.

Just like diabetic care, do your research and be thorough. Hope that helps.


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