Question. When I was diagnosed I had to go to ER to get my sugar lowered

69773702_2627910593894179_320655291882405888_nQuestion. When I was diagnosed I had to go to ER to get my sugar lowered. The ER doctor prescribed me Metformin. After this, 2 days later I saw my Dr and sent another prescription to Walgreens for Metformin but since I recently had mine it is there sitting untilI go out of mine. Well, im out since yesterday and Walgreens hasnt filled up my new refill and my dr is not available today. Here is the question. How bad can it be not to take it for a few days?

Tiffanie Moyer Why won’t they fill it? The script shouldn’t have expired right? I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to your actual medicine question.

Anum Alam When were you diagnosed if you don’t mind me asking and how many days did the ER give you of the metformin? To my knowledge, ERs only give a week or two supply of meds because they want you to go and see your normal doctor. So if you were given a second prescription, Walgreens probably ran it through your insurance and it would have given an error (refill too soon) since the hospital pharmacy most likely ran it though your prescription insurance. They would keep it on hold until you called the Walgreens pharmacy and asked for it to be filled. So, call the pharmacy and they should have it “on file” if it’s been less than 1 year. After a year, prescriptions expire. I worked at Walgreens as a technician. I wouldn’t recommend going days without meds. If there’s no prescription, call the office and there may be an option to page an on call doctor.

DonaldnLisa Lemmon Alot of times pharmacy will sell you a couple of those type of pills to get you through till u call dr just ask them

Cynthia Taber If you cannot get your script filled not taking your Metformin for a few days is not like not taking insulin. The Metformin helps regulate the liver from dumping stored glucose into your body for energy…so…cut back on all carb intake and call the emergency number for your doc’s office. The only reason I am giving this advice is because I had the exact same thing happen and I just drank tons of water and cut all carbs out of my meals until I got my Metformin. And my numbers were fine.

Andi Gundlach Definitely talk to your pharmacist as they may be able to give you a couple.

Jim Figlozzi What are your blood sugars?

Annette Sanabria-Archilla Jim Figlozzi yeah. I do up to 20g of total carbs. I sometimes eat broccoli and cauliflower or salads which have carbs but most of the time I don’t feel like eating them. I use heavy whipping cream for my coffee if I crave coffee or for scrambled eggs, and that has some carbs. Seasonings or spices have carbs, onion and peppers too. Some cheeses have carbs. Zero carbs is impossible to do. I amend my first statement.

Jim Figlozzi Annette Sanabria-Archilla Yeah that’s dr Bernstein’s diet. There are groups on here that people join that follow that. It’s where your body intentionally goes into ketosis (Not Dka) and that’s how it gets the energy

Sherry Cochrane If they are not already on record as having had diabetes drugs through the drugstore chances are they’re not going to sell her any. If they cannot fill the prescription for two or three days maybe she could call around and find out if someone else could. If not and her blood sugar goes extraordinarily high she needs to go back to ER.

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