I have been reading a lot of the post and comments on this page

69131652_945872709082418_4603203758665498624_nHello, I have been reading a lot of the post and comments on this page!! I have read and written down a lot of good information but I’m wondering how everyone got started? Do I just cut everything not compliant out at once?

Michele Berns Dandurand Keep the list on your phone for when you shop. I quit diet pepsi first before i was diagnosed. Then I started following the WOE. I boxed up noncompliant foods and gave them to my son and family. You won’t be perfect at it right away. Keep trying though. Join the recipes group

Barb Tait I cleared out all the known “junk” food first. Then did the fridge including condiments, then moved to the cupboards. Some of the food went to my daughter’s and some will go to our local wellness clinic for someone who requires gluten free. I wanted all temptations gone.

Sherron Gibson Boswell If you cut it all at once you will be so amazed and stoked that you will realize it is worth it.

Beth LeMarr What about if you have others in your home? I have 2 kids and a husband who would struggle with cutting out everything

Jim Farrell I found at first if it wasn’t there I wouldn’t/ couldn’t eat or drink it as my will power is not good now the house could be full of sweets and treats and it doesn’t worry me expect withdrawal symptoms for a while after the energy low its your body getting used to more normal sugar levels again then you will have the turbo energy boost good luck within a few weeks you will feel so much better

Denise Parker Kendra Olivia feed him the same meat choice you’re going to eat and the same vegetable then add a carb source for him, in just the right portions for him so you’re not tempted. My husband eats his bread and potatoes, but the other night I fed him cauliflower rice with some mushrooms and asparagus in it and butter, I said do you like the rice and he said yeah it’s good, lol then I said it isn’t rice it’s cauliflower, he just said huh, I didn’t notice. Gobbled it up.

Mickie Chase I have two others I feed. I would make other sides for them. If it was a pasta dish I just did meat and veggies for me.

Sherron Gibson Boswell My partner loves that we eat a lot of meat and butter lol. He is all on board. Although tonight I knew he wouldn’t do fried turnips so i made a box of mac n cheese which will last 4 meals as a side for him and he’s happy as can be.

Jennifer Hargrove Beth LeMarr I do just what Denise does. I make the same dinner but just enough of the starchy side (baked potato etc) for my hubby). And I eat the meat and veggies with him. I also have two kiddos but try to keep only healthy snacks for them, and get just enough that I’m never tempted to get into “their” food.

Tracy Carlin I did. Trying to do babysteps just fed my addiction for carbs and sugar. I don’t even crave them anymore and I still cook carb foods for my family. Sometimes I can get away with just eating the meat and vegetable I fixed and other times I need to cook something. If that the case I try to keep it simple, like a green salad with bacon, chicken, cheese, eggs, etc. You get the idea.

Denise Parker Keep it simple until you’ve got used to what’s compliant.
Meat vegetable fat. Makes it easier.

Mickie Chase I went cold Turkey. For me it made no sense to gradually do it. Kept my diet simple to begin with…no that I have bought more compliant flours, sweeteners etc I am making more things.

Sarah Baker I make a huge pot of rice, measure out 1/3 cup piles on a cookie sheet and freeze them. I put them in a bag in the freezer, if my hubby needs a starch I microwave it and it comes out warm and yummy for him. I don’t eat the rice.

Ashley Andrews I went cold turkey the morning after I was diagnosed. I enjoyed one last bad meal first LOL But then I went nuts and got rid of anything in my house that I was not supposed to eat. My shelves are virtually bare. I primarily eat fish, chicken, veggies and eggs.

Donna Bridges I jumped in too. Even though there’s ice cream in the freezer, I’m not tempted. Only thing I’ve wanted was a hamburger so the thawed ground beef made a couple of patties (it was half pound of meat) and seasoned with Mrs Dash. Excellent! I was satisfied.

Wendy Kimball I went cold turkey the day I was diagnosed. I made a few mistakes like eating a peach (once) but then I found this group and I’ve been following the WOE diet ever since. I’m almost a month and a half in. I’ve lost 22 pounds and my boss who happens to be an Endochronologist is convinced that my 7.2 A1C is now well below a 5. I will know for sure at my three month doctors visit. Crossing fingers…

vea Mark Cleared out my entire pantry first week, gave the food to someone else. Second week: cleared out the fridge. Third week: bought a lot of keto staples and veggies, then figured out the fats. Fourth week on: learned new ways of cooking. Good luck!

Kristal C Hanselman Honestly it’s the best way to do it. It’s hard at first but don’t give up. If you do small chunks you will never get over that hump. Praying for you to be successful

Nancy Krueger Gonzalez I cleared out my cupboards, fridge and freezer. I don’t believe in eating everything that’s not compliant and then just not buying more. I know that some people do that, but it’s just not worth it. I’m so sensitive to sugars and other carbs that cutting it out by degrees just wasn’t feasible. Luckily, I had always cooked, had always liked salads, veggies and meats, so it wasn’t that hard to figure out what to eat. The hardest part was giving up bread.

Nancy Krueger Gonzalez Annie Riddle Someone else posted about chaffles a couple of days ago. I looked it up and ordered a chaffle maker that day. It should be coming in the mail any day now. I sure hope if makes good bread.

Laura Tolbert I did a step down process over a month. Started with 100, 75 then 50. Think I had what they call the Keto flu for 3 days once I hit the 50 mark. Had less issues with digestion to this way. But going from 300 – 500 carbs per day this low still sucked.

Missi Barber I went cold turkey, don’t think stepping down would have worked for me. I purged everything non-compliant except the items my son eats and donated everything that was unopened to a food pantry

Amy Thomas I know I cannot have certain foods, but there’s two men living here, absolutely won’t eat the way I eat. I’ve tried telling my 85 year old Dad that he consumes way too much carbs and sugar. He’s been pre diabetes levels for 20 years. I cringe when my Dad opens a can of peaches, dumps it in a bowl, then stuffs white bread in it to soak up the juices. He eats it all. I never even did that before I was diagnosed as a diabetic. He told me he is too old to eat healthy,lol. But it doesn’t bother me that there is food in this house that I cannot eat.

Bernadette Reyes I cut out artificial sweeteners and then immediately changed my diet I was sick for a good minute however my body has adjusted and I work out 6 times a week..so I works say yes jump right in..you can do it 

Katie Ward  Make some good healthy recipes that are low carb. If they have to have extra give them a roll or something else that takes little or none of your time- most chefs are men- give them diestions to YouTube or google and let them cook their own carb meals

Amy Thomas I probably could pull teeth easier than make these two guys in this house eat healthy,lol. My Dad being 85 years old, is set in his ways. Now my Momma was much different. She was almost 81 when she passed away December 2018. She and I shared similar views on a variety of things. We never could make these men slow down on their bad choices eating. I made 5 dozen Christmas cookies sugar ones, one year. These two ate them up in 3-4 days.
Right now I haven’t been doing a lot of cooking or baking. I’m getting ready for major back surgery.

Kimberly Agahnia I jumped right in. Ate fritattas for days while I googled keto recipes to make dishes I was already making. Even then, since we’re not Keto, adjustments may still be needed. Bottom line, I am one month into my diagnosis my numbers have dropped into the non diabetic range and I am in control of this disease.

Tina Turner Yes… I did cold turkey day one following this woe, the best decision I’ve made.

Tiffany Meadows I did go cold turkey and it’s tough when you have a whole family that’s eats all that nasty crap I can’t have. 😂😂😂 it took about 2 weeks for me to stop the carb cravings but I was determined.


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