I was recently diagnosed this year

First time posting, I was recently diagnosed this year. I am still learning how Diabetes work and the symptoms. My sugar is always in the mid 200, today it dropped within 3 hours. I feel so bad, is this normal, I haven’t had anything to drink it eat in between the readings. What can I do, I know I am in a better number but my head is killing me.Diabetes001

Mohammed Imran Jamadar 

What are you T1 or T2?

Lisa Byrd

I was in this same position last year. Its only because you’re not use to being normal. Yes it feels so weird, and like you’re low… but it’s ok. If ypu can work through this, and tell yourself it’s ok, then after about a week you get use to it. Then the good news is over your”normal” again being high will alert your body

Kimberley Kymarie

Take some painkillers if needed and rest. You’re body is just so used to being high that any changes are going to feel weird at first while your body adjusts to being more normal again

Cynthia Taber

You will feel like crap as.your sugars begin to be more controlled…it’s part of the process. But…you need to drink water! Take your body’s weight and divide that in half. That is how many ounces of water you need to drink just to keep you from dehydration. And if you exercise or spend time in the heat…you need to add 16oz for every 2 hours in the heat. It is so easy for us in the beginning (T2) to freak out and be overly cautious about every piece of food or drink that we injest. So take a deep breath! Note…you will get a ton of comments and advice on here…like mine! That said WE ARE NOT MEDICALLY TRAINED OR QUALIFIED TO GIVE YOU TREATMENT ADVICE!!! Everything we say is from our own experiences and while some of us really invest time into researching how to manage our diabetes…the only thing we have in common is diabetes! From there…each of us process food according to how our bodies work and my diabetes (T2) is unique to me just as yours is unique to you. Don’t be discouraged…this is a shit disease and stresses our minds, emotions, and bodies. Being aware of that is vital to the management of this disease. Hang in there…it’s a learning process.

Judy Simpson Koerth

That is normal. Even though you not officially “low” your body reacts to the lower number. It will get better with time.

Tina Weiss 

Congrats on breaking into the 100s. Since your body isn’t used to the lower number, it will react like that — once you’re in the 100s for a while you won’t have that feeling

Amber Davis 

Drink a smart water.. or other water with electrolytes. Your body will get use to it.

Karen Gurney

Echoing what everyone else has said. Hang in there! As your body gets used to lower (more normal) blood sugars, you will feel better. Do drink lots of water. Do your research on diet and exercise. I do low carb. Many people swear by keto. You need to figure out what works best for you, because everyone is different. Life will get better. Be patient with yourself and stubborn enough to do what you need to.

Marjorie Carnes Carnes

Your sugar drops to fast makes you sick it alittle bit and you will feel better

Elisha Boggess

Your body gets used to your blood sugar being higher so when you finally start correcting it a normal and healthier number will make you feel like you are having a low blood sugar attack. I experienced this when I first started taking meds. My bg was running in the upper 200-300’s. Once my blood sugar dropped down into the upper 100’s I would feel like I was having hypoglycemia. It took a week or so for my body to get used to my new number.

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