I recently found out I’m T2D

66144895_2834834059891294_3279875050018177024_nHi all, I recently found out I’m T2D, not on meds yet but trying to do it the old fashioned way – au naturál.
Can anybody tell me what they do for aching legs pls? By the end of the day my feet are swollen and my legs are painful, I can’t seem to sleep until the pain is settled. I try hot baths, massage, elevating the feet, and compression stockings. I’m open to other remedies too 😊
Thanks for your time

Jessica Bittlewilliams 

Do you eat salt

Miranda Drennen Taylor 

Fish oil works wonders for aches and pains

Sarah Ward 

When your blood sugars are high it damages the capillaries and it causes problems. Your T2 diabetes is less difficult to treat than finding an old fashion remedy. Go to the GP get the correct medication – live pain free- don’t beat yourself up with self doubt and everything else and stay healthy. It is not a failure to need medication.

John Holladay 

Compression stockings and compression hose and compression socks.

Corinna Otto 

My mom used to put about a foot of cold water in the tub and wade in it for 10 minutes or so. She said it really helped her aching feet and legs

Tammy Young Miller 

Cut out all processed foods, processed sugar, gluten, alcohol, dairy, and soy.

Julia Robertson

I cut out 90% of dairy
I feel so much better.
I have even rubbed voltaren all over my legs.

Laurel Akram

CBD oil help me, I’m 63 with my job I’m always on my feet 🦶!!, whenever I get home from work my feet’s always burning and pin and needles !!!

Sheryl Francisco Abarquez

hi I’m also t2d and i take metformin 3x a day😅my last fbs result was 175

Kenneth Bloomer

First treat the cause before the symptoms. Go see an Endocrinologist and ask if medication will better help you manage your blood sugars, which should greatly reduce diabetic complications in the long run. We’re talking about your quality of life here.



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