When you see your dr and he says I think we might have to start insulin

69354727_505930550224045_1251139044365041664_nWhen you see your dr and he says I think we might have to start insulin…and he’s already been prescribing it for 3 years

Nathan Forte You realize how many patients that doc sees since the last time he picked up your chart?

Jenni Jones I hope he was joking. My docs have all seen me for 3 years now and they all know me pretty well without seeing my chart. Obviously not how much insulin or what my last a1c was, but they do know the main things. As soon as my chart pops up, they remember even more without continuing to read it. These aren’t small practices and I’m not that remarkable, lol.

If he wasn’t joking, I’d look for a new doctor. If he was, he’s a keeper. Doctors with a sense of humor are easy to talk to.

Nathan Forte Like I’ve been with same endocrine dr for 26 years best in Baton Rouge. Still I go over this is what we adjusted I’m getting this much now per carb meal etc and per high or low. I know he will se 30 patients that day and the last time he saw me was a year ago.

Come on have a dialect with those caring for you. You know what your doing on a day to day. I don’t expect them to know my day to day.

Jeff Webster Sounds like you new new (see: younger) Doctors if they can’t figure out what you already have. My gorgeous PCP asks me about all the conditions my specialists treat me for in addition to her areas.

Paula Lavery He is a pain management doctor as well as a diabetic doctor. I demanded he refer me to a specialist as I now dont trust him with my health

Andrew Klamon You might try interviewing women dr’s. They are statically shown to provide better care and are much better at listing. And definitely someone younger! Good luck.

Howard Robbins Sounds like most doctors they don’t know what you’re on that these prescribed for you they don’t know what other doctors is done that they send you to and there I thought they were supposed to follow up behind that stuff it’s sad that the doctors ain’t doing their job and just keep giving you more pills drugs drugs drugs

Cindy Nielsen Rumple I had to switch dr.s’ to find out that I have diabetes. My other one wasn’t paying attention to what I was telling her. She just wanted to keep putting me on antidepressants for my anxiety.

Ina Birko Dr.s are becoming a poor option for treatment other than writing prescriptions. Many can’t make good analysis for condition. They would be better at it if they knew anything about their patients. They would be better at it if they spent more time with their patients and got to know them better.

Steve Kreitman Best way to handle Diabetes is to find a good doc and work out be positive get a dog and eat better

Lucy Fletcher Definitely means a new Dr if at all possible… Complete madness!!

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