I have severe neuropathy/ diabetic nerve pain

69536808_10157449484506877_5717575891681280000_nNormally I don’t complain about issues I’m having but I need some advice. I have severe neuropathy/ diabetic nerve pain ( or whatever you would like to call it) in my feet moving up my legs to my knees. Now starting in my hands. Every day when I come home from work my feet/ankles are swollen and hurt really bad. My endocrinologist won’t help me. His answer is that my A1C is good (6.1) I should see a neurologist. I’ve had this for years. My old endocrinologist treated me, he sold the practice btw. Any suggestions? Does your endocrinologist treat your neuropathy or do you see a neurologist?

Connie Meyer Berglund I had an internist start me on Lyrica when it first came out. Then my endocrinologist took over prescribing it. I’m sorry you have to deal with the neuropathy. I know how bad it hurts. 

Jen Kintner I was on Lyrica years ago but stopped it because I always felt drunk on it. Think the dose was to high for my body weight. I only weigh 90lbs. I think it is time for a new endocrinologist

Connie Meyer Berglund You might be right. I don’t think some Dr’s grasp just what diabetes does to the body. I have a great endocrinologist. I will be sad when he is ready to leave because he truly gets it.

Robert A Martin If Lyrica is too expensive try to get prescriber to change to gabapentin. People will try to dissuade you because of side effects but it’s better than the pain. Mine started in my hands. I know how bad it can be! Just stay on top of you blood work.

Suzanne Clark Mona Morstien’s, in her book, Master Your Diabetes, has a lot of good recommendations for all of the complications, including neuropathy. She had recommended a particular supplement among other things, but I don’t currently have a copy of the book on hand. Need to get my own copy! It’s really not expensive. Can’t recommend the book highly enough. It talks about EVERYTHING. T1 & 2.
Let us know what you try and how it works.

Suzanne Clark I initially read it through inter library loan. Easy to get.

Connie Meyer Berglund There has also been some help with vitamin B6 I started with this before going to the Lyrica. It’s best if taken 3x’s a day with meals.

Suzanne Clark Oops, I forgot this Jen Kintner and Connie Meyer Berglund.
My podiatrist told me about B6 last week. He didn’t give me a dose. How much do you take Connie? I’m going to start with a B complex until I learn more as I learned last week that B6 is on of the few vitamins that it’s possible to overdo.
I know that doctor Morstien had a few other tricks up her sleeve as well.

Connie Meyer Berglund Suzanne Clark I take 100 mg twice a day. I was told I could go up to three times a day. I was also told that you can go as high as 200 mg three times a week.

Lisa Freeman A neurologist can help treat your neuropathic pain. This is within their field of expertise.

Kimama Renar a neuro treated my nephropathy. they tested me for circulation issues, and so on when certain meds did not help. Some neuros are more through than others, just like endos- keep that in mind too.

David Rundo I wish I knew what this felt like because I don’t know if I have it or not or if something else is going in

Maridee Dangcil I was having tingling in my hands and fingers and went to a neurologist to see if it was neuropathy. It was carpel tunnel but I am so glad I saw the neurologist because we have a benchmark if anything comes up in the future

Shirley Culp Dawson I’ve been on gabetentin for years, 300mg in morning and 600 in evening. But this month I’m starting to cut back because I’m taking CBDoil and it is helping my neuropathy and also helping my pain – a lot. I’m loving these CBD oil drops.

Joy Kaiser CBD would make my blood thinner not stable per my heart dr

Lynn Quinn I got a Pure Wave massager to help my pain…but maybe I just had Plantar Faciatis?

Denise Gill Scheffler Ask your dr about cbd oil. Have to make sure dr says it’s ok to mix with meds that you were on. I had in my hands no gone.

Richard Vega Find another dr there are alot of quacks out there. I have been thru several until i felt like they had my intrest.

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