someone says that diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar and everyone goes bonkers to a point of calling them stupid.

69981095_10157649779086967_2558073179943731200_nI am increasingly fustrated with the random protection of ideas here. One moment, someone says that diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar and everyone goes bonkers to a point of calling them stupid. If someone says type 1 diabetes is similar to type 2, and the Internet armies come marching.

But challenge some fad diet that science has proven wrong, threads get locked down and people go ballistic.

So can someone post a list of ideas we can challenge and ideas people want to protect like a sacred cow?

Jenn Taylor I don’t let any of that get to me. People will never fully agree on anything. Do what works for you, share it if you wish so others may use it or part of it for their journey if they choose and keep going strong. 

Melissa Noderer Every body is different.
As a T2, my treatment is different not only from that of a T1; but perhaps different from other T2s.
There is a slogan I find to be helpful:
“Take what you can use and leave the rest”

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood There is no reason to challenge anyone. This isn’t supposed to be a battle ground.

Very simply, we are individuals. What works for one may not work for another.

And, science changes. Ask any grandparent who raised their kids using scientifically “proven” methods only to now find them to be scientifically refuted. I am only 44 years old. From the time my first was born 20 years ago to when my youngest was born 12 years ago things changed.

In truth, you can very likely find some study or other to back or refute whatever it is you want to prove. So why challenge people? What purpose does that serve? Other than to create an unnecesary argument nobody can win?

And you are the line where it stops? You are the authority on what is a foolish belief and what is not?

Has it perhaps not occurred to you people thought many were foolish. Things we now believe the opposite of? Oh like bathing. People used to think that could kill you. Fresh air? The same. Hand washing? A foolish and unnecessary waste of time.

Kenneth Bloomer Challenge whatever makes no sense to you. Give your strongest reasons. You might find some like-minded people here and help to sway others from destructive foolishness.

Elaine Scott Jenkins This is Facebook dear. The administration of this page is very good ( based on my experience). If an admin can prevent people from breaking the community standards of fb, that’s no small feat.

You can NOT Police a person’s opinion . Frankly in this case, I have discovered ( via this page) there is not one person who has or is experiencing this disease the exact same way.

You are gonna have to take it as you find it, and form your own opinion. My sacred cow, is probably a hamburger, ( in your opinion) 😉Blessings

Joshua Michael Skains Elaine Scott Jenkins but some facts are facts. They did lab tests and found food can’t alter the ph of your body, period. And the earth is also not flat. And vaccines don’t cause autism. At some point we have to challenge ideas that can hurt others.

Elaine Scott Jenkins Joshua Michael Skains yea, you may challenge them, but what she was saying is everyone come to An agreement regarding what is a concrete truth and what isn’t . That’s not going to happen.

No matter what the prof a lot of people still think vaccinations cause autism, and people try to cure illness and diseases using methods that are questionable

Joshua Michael Skains Elaine Scott Jenkins but kids are literally dying of diseases they shouldn’t be dying of. How is that any different than kids dying of insulin being too expensive? That’s my frustration.

Michael Worrell Yes, certain facts are facts – for example, type 1 and type 2 are totally different diseases.

“LADA” and “Type 1.5” are just fancy names for adult-onset type 1 and is not actually a separate disease even when the same disease manifests itself slightly differently with adult onset compared to pre-pubescent onset.

Type 2 is “functionally curable” for a vast majority of patients, and yet there will be arguments over semantics… some will say “Ah, but if you gain all the weight back again, then you have symptoms again!” Yep, and if you come in contact with the influenza virus again after successfully beating it, you still get influenza. This ain’t rocket science, folks!

Despite all of these facts, there are still differences in treatment methods and outcomes from one patient to the next. Let’s stick to discussing those things, eh?

Cate Whitey My mother In law told me that i can change my type 1 diabetes to type 2 if i look after my body right lol im not overweight either. She swears black and blue that she was type 1 but after losing weight she became type 2

Cynthia Taber Deep breath sweetie…we each have our own unique “brand” of diabetes…I’ve tried intermittent fasting…and it doesn’t work for me…my first provider wanted my fasting numbers at 70 and my norms between 100 and 120…and the ADA says 30 to 40 carbs per.meals and 15 carbs per snack and some people use Keto and some eat whatever they want and just take more insulin and some “pundits” say diabetes can be cured and others say it can be reversed and some.say the lower one’s A1c is the better….and as I give my thumbs a break….mentally I am taking that deep breath. I am 60 and have finally come to the place where I may mutter under my breath “do you own damn research” but I am also painfully aware that my attitudes and responses are my responsibility and mine alone…🙄🙄🙄 and while I roll my eyes and mutter ” ya can’t fix stupid” or “there is no freaking cure” or “it’s a damn conspiracy and Big Pharma wants us tied to insulins and all the rest of the diabetes meds” that’s my take on it. So…where does that leave us? We eat beef here in America and in India…the cow is in fact sacred. You may find like minded people and you might not. Bottom line…we trudge this journey alone. No one can manage my diabetes but me. And I agree with you…for the record. 

Brian Sixbey It is what it is – a forum for people with similar sets of disease (Type 1, 1.5, 2) and family members who care. This is the only forum I post on because it’s the only one I find useful (at least time to time). People get sensitive and occasionally they get stupid, but hey, it’s better than nothing. I try to couch everything I write with concern for the person who posted. I’ve had a few people get angry with me, and I’ve gotten ticked with a few folks. But that’s life. PS – I find that if the topic is focused – i.e., “What do I do about x scenario?” – most of the stupid and the sensitive goes away. Bottom line – we’re (almost) all here because we want to do better and help others.

Nadya Depasquale I feel that some things do not make sense. Joshua wrote <<One moment, someone says that diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar and everyone goes bonkers to a point of calling them stupid.>> But we all know families who have an identical diet and yet only one gets diabetes. Or people who live on fast food/carbs/sweets/ soda drinks and so on . Yet these people don´t get diabetes

Kimberly SP Could you send a private message to the admins and find out what subjects tend to cause issues when discussed or topics that don’t allow? Then you know what topics to avoid, and maybe sensitive topics that are gray areas, work out how people can respond, maybe include a disclaimer or something at the beginning of the post? I have made 1-2 comments in several years that were removed because they were afraid it might cause issues. I’m okay with that, but I’ve never addressed any touchy subjects tgat might need to be addressed? I think you might want to talk to admins first if you want to avoid issues, as I’m guessing you might like to discuss something that might evoke some strong emotions related to the topic?

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