I started my day really good and then met a friend and she wanted to eat lunch

69978323_10156643790144053_3748602710979510272_nI started my day really good and then met a friend and she wanted to eat lunch. I got a salad and she got steak bomb. Then she takes half of her sub and put on my plate. That was it, I ate that and my day was like avalanche. Now I ate my daughter thin Oreos (a bunch of little packages) and my son Nilla cookies. Yesterday I just went to sleep and had such a good day. I just can’t understand my mind.

Cynthia Taber We all have days like this…🤗🤗🤗 deep breath and tomorrow is another day. It’s a struggle both mentally and emotionally when we are faced with the nature of the beast Diabetes…and I know for me…sometimes I just want to be “normal” and eat what I enjoyed in ignorance. Let it go sister…focus on tomorrow.

Sherry Cochrane I have what I call my little wins. If I can go the entire week sticking to my diet really well and maintain consistent blood sugar. I call that a win. So I reward myself with my little box of taboo. I have cherry gum drops small Reese‘s pieces peanut butter cups, yes even sometimes a Pecan Sandi. Just one.

Annette Sanabria-Archilla Well, we have our days. I would die for bread and rice but Im controlling myself because I want to lower my A1C that’s still high. Im eating max 20g total carbs. You can do this. Think in the future, your kids, your health and you will get strength to fight temptation.

Judy Baker Me too. I keep gaining weight, I keep trying to eat low carb, I keep trying…some days I don’t eat much, other days I eat like I’m starved. It is trying.

Sherry Cochrane Judy Baker I find that consistency is the key for me. I stick to my three meals and two snacks a day even if it’s only a couple of carrots with Aioli.

Raquel Escudero Cooley Judy Baker good question! Diabetes is an overwhelming disease. I want to feel normal and eat like normal people do. I think sometimes restrictions lead to problems like over eating at times. Often I forget that I have healthier choices that will feel as good as cookies and etc.

Vanessa Martinez Judy Becker and Raquel Escudero CooleyI feel you both! I think it’s part of being human. I am in the same boat. I have to remind myself all the time that things look so good! I fall off the wagon almost daily too. But I have to remind myself that I need to do better for the long term so I can stay ok for the rest of my life and get to see my grandkids one day…. my son is only 12 but I dream about being there for him when he has his own babies! Lol but just like someone else said it’s the little wins. Enjoy those little wins. This is journey. It’s a process. We can all do this together. I even have a tattoo to remind me of that. It is a lotus flower with the phrase enjoy the journey underneath. Keep going. You can do this! Celebrate the little wins!

Judy Baker Raquel Escudero Cooley restrictions lead to overeating is so true for me. And it’s not a Hell with this, I’ve been deprived so I’m going to eat thing. It’s an out of control frenzy.

Judy Simpson Koerth Most of us go off course once in a while. Just make sure you don’t do it often. Sugar or meat can be a hard thing to avoid sometimes. You’re human. Forgive yourself and get back on track.

Judy Simpson Koerth Yolanda R. Castillo-Newsome I know. But I had to cut back. Grew up as a meat and potatoes girl. Trying to follow the serving size guidelines.

Rosa M Fruin If I ever indulge I hit the gym for a few hours and drink lots of water and I am ok

Romelle Fox Cynthia and Judy both said it best. So, let the day go and restart tomorrow. Just try not to feel guilty about it.

Sherry Cochrane Romelle Fox Feeling guilty sure doesn’t help. Our emotional attachment to food, or at least mine is sometimes hard to overcome. I just think about watching my grandchildren grow up and get married and have babies.

Romelle Fox Sherry, that’s why I wrote to try not to feel guilty about it. Sometimes people do what Raquel did, then feel terribly guilty about it for the rest of the day.

Karen Gurney We all have days like this. Just know that you can always get back on track. Sometimes friends and family undermine our efforts while they think they mean well. Hang in there!

Rachel Scott Ruddock I was like that yesterday, started off very well with my sea bass, asparagus and spinach for lunch, then last night I finished off the lemon meringue pie which the kids had left and had a packet of lighter baked salt and vinegar crisps….. I actually felt better and wondered if just now and then we need a lift. Will be going back today to my low carbs high protein diet tho, as far as I’m concerned it was just a blip although my DN says we deserve a treat now and then. x

Jake Esposito I did same thing ate good breakfast and went over dads for lunch. He offered to pay and got way too much chinese food. Despite taking what I though was enough insulin based on website blood sugar went feom 142 to 484. Since got cant stop snacking now I feel stuffed and depressed . oh well tomorrow another day…

Brian Donovan It is a new day today. Regroup and move on. We’ve all been there. It is so hard. Think about how those foods make you feel in the moment and for the rest of the day (for me those foods make me feel like crap and I am more apt to pass) – maybe that would help power you?

Yolanda R. Castillo-Newsome My 6 year old daughter is constantly trying to get me to taste her food that I can’t have, cereal, pretzel, chips, a drink of her juice…. It’s very sweet and she means well.. But, I have had to tell her, “Mommy can’t have those things, I appreciate your offer, but please stop offering them to me because I can’t for my health”.
It’s not fair, none of it. But you have to be proactive in your health with your friends and family. If they want you around for a long time they have to be more supportive. So, with your friend and the sub situation, maybe next time, sat “Thanks, but not thanks” or just eat the inside if it and leave the bread.
You can do this! Best of luck!

Barb Bonney We are only human, don’t beat yourself up! Start over, it’s a new day. Just always remember you can say no! Remember the damage that wonderful tasting treat can do to you. You can do it!

Lori Hale Treat days are fine just cant eat like that daily..I add days off to maintain…you cant go longevity perfect…everyone is diff..but I dont go that low on LCHF diet under 50 is basically keto…nope..not me…it took me a year to get to 5.4…..and I eat meat…The next days after treat days or weeks is the key..remember..LONGTERM.

Eric Hoagland Half a sub is ok you need some carbs the other day I blew it met my wife for lunch had a Reuben fries and yep lemon meringue pie omg bs 329 I got it down to 122 before bed whew but soooooo gooood

Michele Young It happens. I do really good for weeks with BS no higher than 150 but then I’ll go to a party or something and I’ll have a “bad” day and I’ll be up to 250. If doesn’t happen often (about 5 times since December) but we are only human. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just get back on that horse the next day.

Kawashima Marie It happend to me I got carried away but you could always try the next day follow the diet but sometime it good to indulge on food but to moderation

Judy Baker Last night I was having a professional chef over for dinner who is pretty much Keto. I made a delicious pork roast w garlic, rosemary and figs, stir fried zoodles and spinach salad.
And I just learned how to make low carb chocolate – melt very dark chocolate w butter and microwave it. We poured it over strawberries. I’m really excited abt the chocolate sauce.

Kai Tey Had a twix bar for lunch yesterday and a salad for dinner. Don’t let one “bad” day mess you up. 

Eric Hoagland Keto is dangerous dont do it and its not good diabetes trearment

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