Is sweating perfusly a normal thing for diabetes

69322723_10215490830092141_7830460636059402240_nIs sweating perfusly a normal thing for diabetes?

Dawn Garner Mohney My hubby starts sweating as soon as he gets out of the shower..He’s had all kinds of tests and nothing..He’s T2

Tonya De Werd Babik I sweat all the time especially at night when I was sleeping

Lori Jensen I was working retail and a woman was sweating all over my counter. I was so mad. I think about it all the time and think how rude I was and it was probably a medical condition probably diabetes.

Jim Knepper I used to run prior to diabetes. I ran in shorts in sub zero weather all the time and even my feet would sweat. I think sweating is kind of a mystery to the medical field in a lot of ways.

Mickie Chase You guys might want to check out Dysautonomia a condition one of the symptoms is excessive sweating..

Rhonda Bruns I used to but I’ve noticed since I’m totally controlled now that I don’t anymore. As least not nearly as much.

Sally Tommas I too am a sweater. Just talking about this today with a pharmacist.

Kathleen Axtman Fortner I think I need a nap, I read this as swearing profusely the first 3 times I read it, and thought maybe I could blame my mouth on my diabetes! I live in the south, so I feel like sweating profusely is just part of life. 

Kay Lynn Blythe I sweated way before I had diabetes. The strange thing is that I generally only sweat only from my chest up .It is enough sweat though for a whole body .Does anyone else have this problem ?

Ashleigh Shinn  I feel like I only sweat on my face/head. I’ve noticed it getting some better with better glucose numbers. Except for hot flashes, but I cant blame that on diabetes lol

Scott Malone My sister non diabetic sweats worse than I a diabetic

LaShonda Burton Howell Neuropathies and sweating
When the body gets too warm, the nervous system signals to the sweat glands to release sweat to cool it down. Sudomotor function describes the part of the nervous system that controls sweating.

Diabetes can result in nerve damage, so that, for some people, the nerves that control sweat glands are always “switched on.”

This can result in excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis.

Doyle Howard I sweat so much I’ve been rushed to the ER multiple times for dehydration. Doctors told me it’s cause from being a diabetic. They say my body doesn’t absorb fluids like it should so no matter how much I hydrate it’s never enough.

Becky Atkinson I would get very red in the face and sweat profusely before diagnosis. People who knew me knew that as long as I was sweating I was ok. I would soak through my shirts and pants. Weird thing was that I didn’t sweat that bad in my feet. Since I’ve gotten my numbers under control I have noticed that I am far less sensitive to heat.

Jason A Young I would sweat at anything above 70 degrees. Between diagnosis and weight loss now I’m cold alot lol

Randy F Rose I sweat so bad. Looks like I was standing in the rain. It gets embarrassing. I’ll have pit stain, area around my collar and chest. I went to my Endo and asked her is sweating is a symptom of diabetes? She said no, but after reading this I think she’s wrong.

Greg Griffin Here in Mississippi my mail truck has been consistently 109 degrees and I’m soaked at the end of the day. I drink about 180 ounces water 64 ounces of Powerade zero 32ounces of tea and 16 ounces of lemonade in the course of 9 hours. I’ve noticed that the heat and metformin don’t play well together in my situation but I keep on keeping on until it subsides- usually about an hour. Stay hydrated my man!

Paula Pow I am super hot-natured so I sweat a lot anyway. Not sure if my diabetes is a factor or if it’s just because I am hot-natured like my father was, plus I am overweight, female, and 55 years old. I was super hot-natured long before I got diabetes or reached middle age

Felicity Colman On first glance I read you r question as swearing. Sweating makes more sense. I’m now through the menopause so sweating has subsided for me.

Amy Jenny Now that I’ve been diagnosed and more stable I’ve been sweating less…

Clare Mott My BSL is quite controlled, but i am over the hot flushes. It’s not menopause either. Was wondering if it was the effects of medication or Diabetes. I’m on heart meds as well. Anyone else experience hot flushes multiple times a day?

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