I take victoza and need a refill


I take victoza and need a refill. Of course I’m in the donut hole so to get it filled will cost me $567.00 which of course I can’t afford. Does anyone have any suggestions? I only have one pen left which will last me 15 days. I’m in New Jersey on Medicare. Helppppp!!

Melissa Noderer Ask your MD for samples.
This is a big problem for those of us on Medicare.
Unless we are very low income, we do not qualify for pharmaceutical discounts.
As an aside, I declined my MD’s recommendation to take Victoza because I was afraid of hitting the donut hole.

Liz Heisler My doctor give me a sample here and there but he doesn’t have them all the time.

Liz Heisler I also tried everything for discounts. You’re right. Donut hole and a little over low income is the culprit. What are you taking.

Liz Heisler Is it cheaper to go on insulin

Camille Corbisiero Cappello As suggested above- ask you doctor for samples. Check on line for resources. Go directly to the drug company and see if they offer any assistance with pricing. Ask your pharmacist and see if they know of resources – get on their FB and Twitter and ask . They don’t like stories like this so it may “shame” them a bit and as last resort you’ll have to go to the ER to get treated.

This is why we need massive healthcare reform.

Susan Mountjoy Sutton I get my from true north pharmacy in Canada wayyyyyy cheaper

Anne Hitchens Einhorn I’m in the same situation..Donut hole, make too much to qualify for any programs. Had my doctor give me a script for Victoza and had a pharmacy in Canada fill it for me. Still not cheap but my RX plan wanted 650. for a 3 month supply and Canada charged 400. Its just awful what Victoza and Tresiba cost. Definitely going to ask my doctor for a sample next time.

Amber Jones Which Part D plan do you have?

Patricia Broughton You can get in touch with the company and they may help out

Donald Walters TRY WALMART

Silvia Comara Walmart has over the counter insulin ~25$ a vial. Ask your dr for dosing info, no prescription needed.

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