Today was my first day sticking myself. I was given the Onetouch Verio Flex

69651680_10213796616340646_5904264427682660352_nToday was my first day sticking myself. I was given the Onetouch Verio Flex. Not too bad. I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to change my needle thingy lol. So. Can I use the needle more than once? Or do I change it each use? Also. Are the needles allowed to go in the trash can?

Alberto Jalalon Me I use them more than once. Make sure they’re clean. Ideally you should get a sharps container. Anything with blood I think is considered hazardous waste. Well done

Rebecca London I use mine for a while. I am in Hill County Texas and the proper way to dispose of sharps here is to place it in a thick plastic conatainer like a liquid laundry bottle. When it gets full tape it shut with duck tape and write “do not recycle” on it and throw it in the trash. You will have to check with your local authorities to see what is legal in your county.

Elaine Scott Jenkins Shana Smith every state has a different rule. But most of them are “put in clear plastic container, tape the opining shut, and write SHARPS and put in garbage”.

Susan Blythe I use them many times before I change. BUT THEY GET DULL , SHARE ONE DOES BETTER.

Cynthia Taber You really shouldn’t use your needles more than once due to cross contamination and the needle really cannot be decontaminated properly. Many do…I never did…and it freaked me out when I had to once when I ran out…😬 I bought a large clear plastic container from Walmart and when it’s full I take it for disposal at the fire department. Cheaper than a sharps container…

Richard Vega I was told that now you have to take the needles to the police department

Randy Harvey I use a new one every time unless I’m away from home and only have one.
Check you city web site or your trash company web site about sharps. Our trash company will take full containers and give back new ones at the local facility.

Peggy Asay Rackley I use mine for like a month because my insurance doesnt cover them.

Shana Smith Peggy Asay Rackley they are $9 with my insurance but my strips are $25 smh

Mike Jones Peggy Asay Rackley walmart sells their reli on meter for like 10$ and the strips are even cheaper. You dont need a script for them either. Your state might have different rules as far as needles go. But here in missouri walmart also offers a box of 50 pen needles for 9$ without a script

Kimbra Wilder Gish I’ve had trouble changing needles too! And yes, ask your pharmacy about disposal for where you live. Different places have you handle it different ways.

Shana Smith Kimbra Wilder Gish yes. I see that Walgeens in my area takes them. I’m happy because I’m pretty particular about what I put in the trash.

Yvette Andrea Where I live, the county has a hazmat disposal site where you can drop off full sharps or bleach bottle containers of needless. I collect and go maybe once a year with all of them.

Wayne Crich medical advice is use them once. Many of us use them for months. Personally I change when they get a little blunt, never had a problem.

Emily Anderson the lancet in my pricker has been changed once since february. i think the majority of us who check bg 9483 times a day dont change every day or week or even month. when i feel like its getting dull, then ill change it.

Kim Fagan Ratner I don’t change mine often, either but it hurts less when it’s a new needle. Once it starts hurting, I’ll change it.

Tammy Tyms I think it depends on if ur talking about the needle used to inject insulin or the lancet used to check blood sugars. We always use a new syringe for injecting insulin but I think the lancet only gets changed for daylight savings…no really. Lol!

Kelly Huckins I use the same needle head on my insulin pin until it hurts because I need to change it lol

Abigail Rivera When I used to check 4x a day I would change it daily. Now that it’s once a day every few days I’ll change it. (lancet for checking bg level)

Ashara Yvonne I use a big heavy plastic cat litter container,with screw on lid. For sharps and lancets. I have kitties so always have an empty container. Win-win! I never reuse lancets.

Kelly Ryan I’ve been using the same lancet for weeks! 😉 I use the multi-clix, it’s a little drum that has 5 or 6 lancets and you just turn it when you want t new lancet. 1 drum can last me a while. I switch it when it hurts.

Adeb Tucson Needles and strips go into a “sharps” container, then take it to a place for disposal ( hospital, dr. Office, maybe pharmacy?) Anything with blood is a biohazard. My container is an empty dishwasher pod buckey.

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