Today I’ve decided to talk about my daughter’s case

65845621_10157477683319781_6682304595235962880_nALERT A VERY LONG POST:

Today I’ve decided to talk about my daughter’s case. Out of that, I need just to talk or maybe someone in the group has a similar case. My daughter was diagnosed a year and half back May last year she was 10 back then now she is 11 God bless her. Like a lot of mothers out there I felt something weird so i decided to do some tests her BGs came back fasting 250mg- postprandial 650mg. We ran to the ER they tested her again. They confirmed its diabetes. We had ketone and I’m saying just ketones and it was very mild. They put her into the ICU as a precaution since she was very alert and very responsive. They didn’t give her anything that night just water that she kept drinking until morning and by morning the ketone was gone and her blood sugar went down to 250. We were transferred from the ICU to a normal room and we stayed there for a week and started introducing insulin and the doctor came to me each day during my stay to teach me how I could count carbs do’s and don’ts how to inject insulin how to count units etc. Life as I knew it was gone in a blink of an eye. My daughter refused that I inject her or test her blood, she wanted to do it herself. To be honest I’m glad she did  I think when she did that she was trying to tell me that everything will be ok.

I remembering entering the toilet and cry and just wipe my tears and go out to watch her play and I didn’t want her to see me weak. People we were trying to visit us at the hospital but I used to refuse but when they insist on coming, I told them ok but you are not allowed to talk about it.

The 7 days at the hospital went by and the doctor came and told me that it is time to go home and tests came back c-peptide, anti-Bodies GAD which came back positive. your daughter officially has type 1 diabetes , or at least that what they thought back then . I cried more in the toilet and I begged the doctor to stay more at the hospital we are not ready, I’m not ready. But off we go.

We went out with 20units of lantus, and up to 16 units of Novo rapid with each meal. On that day I’ve decided that this I will get the hang of everything I will not let that dam thing beat me or my daughter, nothing will change our life’s routine she was a good tennis player then she continued to play. I started researching about everything, anything that is there to know about that disease latest news technology breakthrough medications anything that I could find. We started counting carbs in our sleep . We kept for another 2 weeks getting the insulin but now our doses are decreased, they kept on decreasing and decreasing until they are gone. Both the long acting and the short acting.

That was expected a typical honeymoon. We got here a freestyle libre to keep her monitored and we kept on going like this for a while but we’ve reduced our carbs to the minimum possible we took lots of vitamins to try to elongate this period. During that time our lovely doctor God bless her traveled to a different country. So we had to search for another one. After a total of 6 months we had this spikes out of nowhere without any eating so she puts us back on tresiba 1 unit every morning we went into sever hypos like 30s more than once per day. We stopped the tresiba but it kept working in her bloodstream for 3 full days (1 unit). So the doctor told me ok we will take 1 unit of novo rapid when the spike just happens didn’t work either it can last for 4 hours and no matter home much she eats to overcome it she crashes again 40s and 30s and she is Hypo unaware to she feels nothing and she acts normal. Nothing was adding up and nothing is making sense. After another 3 months

The doctor asked for more tests and to her surprise

Fasting Blood sugar was 95

Insulin levels 17 out of 25

c-peptide 1.90 within the normal range

our A1C 5.8 prediabetic

we have a very high insulin resistance too

The doctor told me that there is a Rare type 2 of diabetes which is a type 2 with one antibody since our GAD is + so suggested that will try for oral medications she had us on Metformin (Glucophage) it worked for a while and our blood sugar was perfect but then she suffered from all the side effects that are written on the pamphlet so we had to stop it. Later we changed another doctor, that suggested that she might have another disease that diabetes is only a symptom of it and when it is cured diabetes will go away, so we did more tests and more scans and everything came back negative.

So changed the doctor again for one more time (last time) I went to doctor Nancy, she told me that you are type 1 but you are still in the honeymoon but a year and a half has passed she told me that there are cases of 5 years that has been recorded, but she ruled that same idea the next visit and she gave me a Gulvas/met 500 and it is working fine, when I went again she told me no, you are not type 1, not LADA, not Type 2 , nor monogenic (MODY), you could be a Ketoacidosis prone type 2 diabetes but there is no enough evidence to prove it because up till now we didn’t face a DKA thank GOD.

What type are we? We are type Layal (my daughter’s name) :)

By the way we are still suffering from severe hypos but her body just corrects it on its own, even when I’m not there to correct it with food, her liver just dumbs glucose, and her readings go back to normal. Our current A1C now is 5.4 and our C-peptide is still within the normal range and our GAD is still + and we are still counting carbs, using a scale playing tennis and we are beating the damn thing.

Sorry for the long post

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