I am a type 2 Diabetic currently on Trulicity and Metformin

70579968_137486640816766_6862813450687479808_nThank you in advice for helping me with some advice. I am a type 2 Diabetic currently on Trulicity and Metformin. I try to exercise daily but whenever I exercise my blood sugar spikes up to around 250-275mg/dl. I am so confused why my body isn’t responding well with exercise, besides what everyone says that exercise will improve glucose control. Are they any ways to combat this? Thank u!!!

My workout schedule:
1 hour cardio every other day
1 hour weight training 2 times a week.
1 hour Muay Thai training twice a week
1 hour Zumba twice a week.

This should be enough exercise ? I’m 168cm and battling a 66kg weight ( I used to be 54kg before diabetes)

Ilana Rose Orloff Exercise, especially high intensity stuff or weights, can cause your blood sugar to go up short term (this happens to me when I exercise in the morning!). Don’t be discouraged! You are doing the right things to bring it down overall. Check 1-2 hours later to see if it’s still high.

I also did a quick check on your BMI, have you been checked to see if you are T1 or LADA? That could also help explain it.

Catherine Wang Ilana Rose Orloff actually I was admitted to the hospital for DKA last year and they immediately put me on insulin. I shot up 22kgs in about 4 months time. I went to another doctor 🥼 and he told me I wasn’t type 1 nor Lada and did a C peptide and said I am a type 2. Took me off my insulin ( the cause of my weight gain) and thus my workout adventure. I’m just struggling so much with my blood sugars high even with the amount of exercise I do. Fast glucoses is around 170mg/dl which is high. Doctor told me that Trulicity will take a couple months for it the fully work. 😞 thanks for the help!

Ilana Rose Orloff Hmm DKA really makes it sound like not T2. But probably not T1 either based on tests. Keep going with trulicity to see if it helps, but my bet would you need insulin, tho maybe MUCH less than they had you on initially (some weight gain is normal, what you gains is a lot). Low carb should help in the meantime if you aren’t doing that already. This sounds so hard! We are here for you!

Ilana Rose Orloff Catherine Wang last thing. Do not see needing insulin as a failure! You are doing everything you can, your body just isn’t cooperating. That isn’t your fault. Where do you live?

Catherine Wang Ilana Rose Orloff I live in Taiwan 🇹🇼 🙂luckily we have national healthcare and if I need insulin it shouldn’t be a problem, which I’m very thankful for. Another possibility would be different types of injections such as byetta? Or victoza? Thank you very much for the encouragement and support. Being diabetic is extremely stressful. Luckily found this community! ( you know what’s ironic? I’m a Pastry Chef)

Ilana Rose Orloff Catherine Wang you are certainly lucky. Insulin in the US can be $700 a month without insurance! Those drugs are all GLP-1s so wouldn’t expect much to change. I’m not a doctor, but would recommend trying a very low dose of lantus or tresiba. Those are long acting insulins that can help take down your fasting rate.

Ilana Rose Orloff And I love that you are a party chef 👩🏻‍🍳share any good low carb recipes with this group!

Catherine Wang Ilana Rose Orloff yes, I’ve actually tried starting a donation program to supply insulin, but I can never get across the barrier of the temperature control issue. Yesyes I used to be on Toujeo and I’m keen to go back on insulin if it can help me control it better. Perhaps not such a heavy dose like I was once on! ( I was on Novorapid 25units per meal and Toujeo 26 units before bed) 

Ilana Rose Orloff Catherine Wang that is waaaay to much insulin. You are the same size as me and clearly still producing at least some insulin. I’m similar weight and I take 15 units of tresiba before bed and 5-10 units of novolog per meal.

For temperature control, try a frio pack. Goes in water for some minutes and can last 3 or more days to keep your supplies cool! I used it for my trip to Thailand and it saved me for sure.

Robin Robin Robin It sounds great. You are doing everything as you can. Blood sugar may elevate immediately after exercise. Better to test after 1 or 2 hours after your exercise. Also please explain this to your doctor.

Catherine Wang Robin Robin Robin yes thank you. I’ve explained to my doctor and he said trulicity might take awhile to really work. He is refusing to put me back on insulin, and he just told me to exercise as much as I can and control my eating. Sigh, still struggling with high sugars even with the amount of activity.

Mohammad Khan I do exercise 45 to 50 minutes very intensive and always my sugar do down mostly 110 or 115 .i have if u want ur sugar goes down get fairly sweaty at the time sugar get absorbed in ur tissues and sugar becomes less in ur blood .

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