I am type 2 and I tried many different diets including all diet apps and Weight Watchers

66443091_10157002059362713_8789557662531452928_nI have a serious issue! I am type 2 and I tried many different diets including all diet apps and Weight Watchers. For the past month I keto and low card diet and in general when I make food, I loose my appetite. 2 or 3 days ago made chicken with lemon and capers and packed my food for work. At work I can’t seem to eat my food. I rather eat my patient food, then eat mine. Then because I don’t want to eat my food I am starving and end up having snacks and call kitchen to see if they have protein items like hot dogs, meatballs, pastrami, and soups. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I just went to supermarket and got some pork chops, ground beef, whole wheat bread. I was thinking of doing a taco and during the week grilled pork chops. Do you have any idea of any recipe that is absolutely delicious that you go to when you are working long hours. It does not have to be pork chops and ground meat recipes. I just want to have some ideas(not mine idea)and May be I can start eating normal again.

Theresa Flaherty Can’t really help eith recipe suggestions, though Iike really flavorful or spicy food that reheats well ( stir fry, fajitas, chili). I wonder if keto is just too restrictive for you and you’d do better with a more flexible plan?

Leigh Rollins As much as keto interests me, I would find it too limiting. I like a big salad daily but that’s 25 cho. I don’t eat grains or starches generally but I still get plenty of variety.

Emily Anderson right now it is very hot where i live in southern spain. there is a traditional salad they have here called piprrana, which is really simple to make and i have basically eaten every day for lunch and/or dinner: green pepper, onion (i use purple ones), cucumber and tomato, all diced really tiny. some kind of seafood is added-tuna, crab sticks or prawns/shrimp. i also add a boiled egg or some cheese. lots of vinegar and some olive oil and salt. i also am loving whatever version of tropical salads restaurants are offering right now: anything leafy with whatever other salad veg you have in the fridge with a bit of kiwi, apple, pineapple and prawn cocktail sauce. sometimes cocktail sauce is called marie rose sauce, but you will find it in the supermarket, it is kind of pink. i do have to bolus a bit for these salads cuz the veg have carbs, but the first one is minimal-for 200 grams of pipirrana, I bolus about three quarters of a unit for the 7 or 8 gr of carbs. for the other, i bolus some for the sauce and for the fruit. it is always a guesstimate in restaurants.

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