I want a continuous BS monitor so I can really stop worrying myself

69139509_10157184405345180_3720003601792237568_nI want a continuous BS monitor so I can really stop worrying myself and pricking myself constantly is their a way to get one without my doctor? Bc they won’t prescribe one

Tippi Sladaritz They are expensive compared to the strips

Jim Knepper Tippi Sladaritz I was trying to figure that out and it appeared to me they cost between $500-1,000 without insurance. Nobody wants to list the price

Olga Culver My insurance paid 798.00 for mine I have the freestyle libre meter and sensors and I get 7 sensors every 3 months

Tippi Sladaritz Matthew Sheehan all those prices ^^ are too much for me. I dont want to spend that. And my ins would probably not cover it. I can get my supplies on Amazon cheaper and I don’t check myself constantly. I can tell when i feel off. I check anytime i eat something new or if I remember to anytime I eat out.
But eating at home using same exact ingredients I can pretty well know what my numbers will be.
Last week and this week while on antibiotics I have only checked 1x every day because I was not eating much. It has been fine.
I think you may be letting yourself obsess about this too much.
Do you have plans for going to college or trade school? Plans for some goals to work towards?

Becky Mingus-Little

I understand your intentions w your method of checking your sugar however it can be a slippery slope and not recommended by our group.

We recommend you check you BFS first thing.

At first bite
1 hr aft 1st bite
2 hr aft 1st bite

Most of us only eat 2 meals a day so that’s not so much sticking.

This is the only way to strictly monitor your blood sugar.

Nikki Edwards I agree! I have the freestyle and was astonished at how much I was missing and I was testing 15x/day with strips and mostly eating the same thing and not eating out.

Nikki Edwards  I pay $39.99/month for 2 sensors at HEB pharmacy. That’s with insurance.

Shana Motta  Ah okay…my insurance doesn’t cover so I’m back to paying $75/2 sensors a month

My old pharmacy must’ve used an additional coupon to help me because every time I went they only charge me $20 a sensor, but they have since closed down and I never got to ask them what they did


Shana Motta  yeah I did and they looked at me like I was crazy …my last option is to try the discounted prescription card everyone talks about (but need to find it first

Tippi Sladaritz  yes. I was doing that and then I got sick. I will start back up with it when I get back to eating more food. On the plus side my pants are looser.

Angela Bradford Jurkovski You do need a prescription, I’d find another Dr. My clinic seems to be encouraging them as they’ve seen such amazing results, I didn’t even have to ask. It has truly changed my life, and has given me the focus and insight I needed to finally get my diabetes under control after 14 years. I use the Freestyle Libre, and pay $100 for a 3 month supply of sensors. Maximum with a discount card (most seem to use GoodRx) should be around $75/month. I firmly believe it would be worth every penny.

Sue Klein Streisguth I’m using a Dexcom G6, got it as a trial through my diabetes management company (they only agreed to give me 1 transmitter and 3 sensors). It made such an impact on me that I asked my doctor for a prescription and I’m paying out of pocket for it because my insurance will not pay for it (I am non-insulin-dependent). I’m getting the prescription filled this weekend.

Nikki Edwards No you have to have a prescription. It’s the Freestyle Libre you want. Insurance should cover a lot of it, I pay $39.99/mo total for it which is half what I was paying for strips!!!!

Just ask your doctor. There is no reason to not prescribe. He works for you and if he’s not willing to prescribe find a new doctor! The Endo can also prescribe. Start with your regular dr, just call and ask for it. Try Endo if you have to.

Nikki Edwards Oh, Abbott has a coupon also so no matter what you should never pay more than $75/month total for sensors.

Delia Mendez My primary prescribed the freestyle libre, pharmacy said insurance didnt cover. Sensor reader and 2 sensors was $114.00. I thought u were able to buy on amazon, so I just googled freestyle libre and clicked on shopping, this came up as a link suggestion.

Shana Motta It’s cheaper with a prescription but good to know you can get one

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