I want to try the keto diet but my doctor said that’s not a good diet for diabetics

68979174_2614624845254840_7594998606063468544_nI want to try the keto diet but my doctor said that’s not a good diet for diabetics. Has anyone in this group tried the keto diet?

Andre Paradis What was your doctor’s reason? To keep you on meds? Keto can “reverse” diabetes.

Mary Sue Harper We are Low Carb High Fat which is very similar and personally speaking it has done wonders for me. I was diagnosed t2 on 6-20-19 with a fasting blood sugar of 298. This morning it was 104.

The only meds I take are Lipitor and metformin. I feel better than I have in years! My bs right now is 80.

Sara Thomas I haven’t talked to my doctor yet, but the nurse in her office advised against it.
I started low carb anyway on July 8th and have lost 12 lbs so far and two inches off my waist. I go in Tuesday for my a1c check and will talk to her about it, but low carb has been a great decision so far. My blood sugars have improved significantly. I used to get boils under my arms and they are totally gone now.

Mando Iniguez I was told the same due to the risk of going into keto acidosis

Jonathan Kraykovic how can a doctor confuse DKA and ketosis. You shouldn’t have enough sugar in a low carb/Keto diet to even come close to DKA. Sometimes I wonder about doctors information

Debi Davis I took the complaint food list with me to the Doctor and had her look at it and she said it was great and to stick with the woe.

Rhonda Bruns Y’all signed up for this group which is low carb/high fat. It’s similar to Keto. Doctors that advised against it are following outdated ADA guidelines. Do your research and read past posts. The numbers don’t lie. This is the way to treat diabetes.

Martha Ratner My Dr. said Keto doesn’t have enough fiber. He also told me NO CARBS at all! Who can live this way?
I’m testing the waters with LOW CARB and higher proteins. Try different strategies until you find one that works for you- we all respond differently. Good luck

Teri Darrington Fiber is a carbohydrate. How does he expect you to get enough fiber without eating any carbs at all?

Creek Karen I am on keto now. Have been since March. Lost 61 pounds, dropped 5 sizes, a1c from 8.5 to 5.8, fasting bs reading 84. Blood pressure 120/85.

Laura McClure I think no carbs is really unrealistic and low carb is much more doable with great results proven here

Misty Jolly I was doing keto, but had issues with thyroid so I had to stop. I am doing low carb and medium protein. I am down 20 lbs in 7 weeks. Off my fasting insulin and my sugar runs around 90 to 100

Stephanie Castillo I do some keto meals just because they can go hand in hand because it is a low carb diabetic also. But I still watch what I eat. I don’t keto dinners mostly

Kathleen Axtman Fortner My Dr. wasn’t a fan of it, but I told her I was doing it anyway because my numbers speak for themselves. She told me to just be really careful because of a risk of keto acidosis. From what I’ve read though, keot acidosis is more of a concern if you are spilling ketones, AND your bs is still out of control or high.

Josh Hare The group basically follows a modified Keto diet here and it works wonders. I followed it fairly closely and just posted my A1C results the other day. 3 months since diagnosis and my A1C went from 11.6 down to 5.3 by following this groups guidance and WOE. My BC numbers average 90s and below daily. The only time I have hit spikes was experimenting with restaurant foods for lunches when I work around the county. Otherwise they are consistently normal numbers.

Tia Sorrells Mine is out of control but my bs fasting reading was 116 n it was 131 a few minutes ago i think thats way better than 300-400 where i was n im on on 5 mg of glipizides….i been trying this way of eating since the 13th

Tia Sorrells Well i think thats the day i started n i started so i could get my numbers under control i still do my own thing but i do my best to stay on the straight n narrrow so im experimenting with the protein amounts to see what works for me

Maryann Schmid I just stay away from sugar as much as I can and improved my A1C to 7.3 from 12.0.

Letty Garza Well I feel this diet is stricter than Keto tbh and it wasn’t until I followed LCHF that my numbers were good so yeah

Dustan Merritt Keto is not a good sustainable diet. Not recommend for anyone 50 and older.

Beckara Mosley  we have many people in this group who are over the age of 50 and this LCHF woe works wonderful for them . Age is not a determining factor . You have been given nonsense information

Carol Jean Price-Lipps – I have been on it since May. I do not go hungry, I have lost 25 pounds and I eat healthier now than I did in the last 20 years. My weight management doctor, nutritionist and family doctor are on board with this way of eating, very encouraging and very pleased with my numbers and weight.

Monique Potter Noriz Keto isn’t for everyone. I do a plant-based diet and low carbs. I can’t do the LCHF perfectly because I’m not supposed to have a lot of dairy. I try to balance the two as there are many similarities. People have to consider other conditions before picking a woe that works best. Maybe your doctor was taking another condition into consideration when saying no Keto? My doctor told me no Keto too but never really backed it up with a reason.

Lucía Guerra-Jj My Gob gives me the keto diet to help me with prediabetes and its been helping me a lot since may I lose 17 pounds

Katie Ward Our diet is basically keto. I feel so sorry for you as I am afraid your doctor has seriously misled you. Ask him what he based that idea on? I have been doing this way of eating for 15 months – my blood work looks great. My weight has gone down over 50 lbs. my blood pressure is good. All was horrible when I started and I felt horrible, now I feel better than I have in 30 years. Please read as many old posts as you can on here. I have tried everything before this and nothing made hardly any difference!

Joey Smith My dr said it was a perfect diet and encouraged it actually. He’s pleased with my progress so far and it’s only been 2 months.

Beckara Mosley Ke ke walker this group follows a LCHF approach. It is similar to keto but LCHF’s goal is blood sugar control and is perfect for a diabetic. We keep our non starchy carbohydrates less than 50 grams a day. We do not eat any potatoes, carrots, cows milk,legumes or any type of grain or anything made from them as they spike blood sugar.

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